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LBA1 Red Card bug fix

LBA1 Red Card bug fix
By Quetch at 2007-12-09 17:01

This bugfix will prevent you from triggering the red card bug where you can break into the museum without owning the red card. Doing this will break the game, forcing you to start from the beginning. This bugfix will not fix a savegame that was exposed to the red card bug.

Extract the "LBA_GRI.HQR" file inside the archive and place it in the LBA 1 installation directory, overwriting the original one.

It prevents players from experiencing an error known as the "red card bug". This particular bug consists in being forced to restart the whole game after robbing the Maritime Museum with no Red Card in the inventory.

Fixing this problem was achieved by modifiying the Maritime Museum level. Now the player is forced to enter the museum without cheating, opposed to the classic situation where you could break into the Museum without the Red Card.

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