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LBA2\Twinsen's Odyssey


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Game quote #472

Game quote #472
at Polar Island
I am Sendell, like all of those you see here, we are all Sendells. We are here to watch over a stellar entity that is in gestation, it will come into existence in a few centuries. As we can only act from the heart of the planet, we implanted a lineage of elected creatures among the species living on the surface. You are the current descendant of this family, and when FunFrock's threat had become too great, it was me that called to you in your dreams. The entity can now finish its gestation because you rid us of FunFrock. It would have died if he had gotten to it, and this world would have imploded, thanks to you it will continue to flourish. Return now to the surface, you can now erase the final traces that he left there.
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Well kiddo, all you had to do was treat my back for me to win all the games, golly gee!
— LBA2 (#1574)

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