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LBA1 Eastereggs

LBA1 Eastereggs
By elmuerte at 2005-12-13 19:31

Easter eggs are often funny things you might not find within the game unless you knew them already. LBA contains quite some easter eggs or sometimes vague hints or references. On this page you will find most, if not all, of them.

The second boat trip

After you bought the catamaran you usually use that to travel from island to island. But when you take the ferry after you bought it you will get a new movie where Twinsen no longer get's sea sick.

The museum's roof

There's a secret passage in the museum that will get you on top of the museum. The secret passage is located near the wall where they removed some pictures. So when you walk up the strairs, turn left and walk straight ahead. Do ACTION on that wall and the passage will open. You will receive a few clover leafs from the rabbibunny up there.

Small easter eggs

  • Use the clear water in the water tower. The rabbibunny in the library will now say his kidney stones are gone
  • Kick the sphero in the library
  • The ripped out page in the library gives you the hint about what leaver you have to pull in the last area of the Temple of BU

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