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LBA1 + LBA2 troubleshooting guide

LBA1 + LBA2 troubleshooting guide
By wacko at 2003-07-02 21:36
Please start reading this first!

Before opening a topic here, please check if the problem is listed here. This page contains a number of most frequently asked questions about problems in the game and their probable solutions. More FAQs might be added later.

If you've read this and you're still having problems, don't hesitate to open a topic; we'll be glad to try and help you out. But first, use the Search function found in the upper-right corner, to see if your problem may have already been posted once.

If you don't originally own LBA1 and/or LBA2, we do not give support. That means rips, ISOs, copies or any other illegal version of the game. You're wasting your time here, we won't help you and your thread will be closed instantly.

Problems with Little Big Adventure 1 (Relentless)

(scroll further down for the LBA2 section)
  • LBA1 won't run in Windows!
    Install LbaWin, this is the easiest solution so you won't have to mess around with soundcard/cdrom drivers.
    See the notes below for further instructions.
    If LbaWin for some weird reason won't work, you could also try the unofficial patch by FunnyFrog (see the links at the bottom of this section).
    Still won't work? ChaosFish made a guide for getting LBA1 to work using DOSBox (this should also work in Linux). Read the guide here.

    Note that we don't officially support LbaWin, but these are the most common problems, so it would be useless not to add those
  • LbaWin: The game runs, but the sound doesn't work.
    Basically: if you have sound in Windows, you should also have sound in LBA1 since it uses DirectX (DirectSound). Refer to DX Diag (Start --> Run --> 'dxdiag') for DirectX diagnosis.
  • LbaWin: The game still doesn't work
    First of all, make sure you did install LbaWin and not FunnyFrog's patch. Then, make sure you've installed LbaWin in the same directory where you installed LBA originally. This is a patch, so you first need to run the LBA setup, install it, and then install LbaWin to the same directory.
  • LbaWin: 'no cd' error message
    Try another cd-rom drive if possible. It should work normally, if your cd-rom works in Windows. If you do not have an LBA1 cd-rom, you have a cracked version, which we do not support. Please buy the game.
  • LbaWin: the game works, but I have found a bug or I'm having a minor problem
    Report this bug in the LbaWin bugtracker page and help out the developer. Since LbaWin is still under development in beta phase, we don't officially support it yet. Be sure to read the ReadMe, the website and the bugtracker thoroughly.
  • Related patches and links

    LbaWin website -- the official LbaWin website.
    LbaWin bugtracker -- this is where new beta releases of LbaWin get posted, and where ofcourse the bugs are reported.

    To download LbaWin, sign up at the bugtracker, go to the View Bugs page and find the most recent version in the list. Then click the attachment in the post to download. When installing, make sure to install LbaWin to the directory where you've installed LBA (c:\lba by default; but change this if you've modified this directory during the normal LBA installation).

    FunnyFrog's LBA1 Windows patch (thread) -- this is NOT LbaWin, do not get this patch and LbaWin mixed up!
    This earlier unofficial patch by FunnyFrog made the game work in Windows, but that's all. You still need to get the cd-rom and soundcard working for DOS support, and to set all settings manually. This is NOT LbaWin, even though the filename may suggest so.

    ChaosFish' LBA1 and LBA2 in DOSBox guide -- how to get LBA1 and LBA2 working using DOSBox.

Problems with Little Big Adventure 2 (Twinsen's Oddysey)
  • The ingame screen of LBA2 is garbled and totally messed up (occasionally the case with Windows 2000/XP and some newer videocards)
    Please apply the patch found at the bottom of this page.
  • LBA2 won't install -- error message in setup
    Try copying all the files from the cd-rom to a temporary folder on your harddisk. Then install the game from there (setup.exe). You can delete the temporary directory once it's installed.
  • The car acts funny, it won't turn correctly (windows only)
    Copy the file DINPUT.DLL from the directx directory of the LBA2\TO CDRom (X:\LBA2\DIRECTX) to the directory of the game (where you installed it). Or download the "LBA2 Fixes" file below.
  • some sounds are too loud (e.g. car sounds) (windows only)
    Some have this issue, others don't. At the moment there is do definite fix for this issue. But there is a fix available that reduces the problem, replacing the mss32.dll with a more recent file does fix this problem but creates a new (minor) issue. More information about this bug can be found in this thread.
  • Related patches and links

    FunnyFrog's LBA2 display patch (thread) -- this patch will fix garbled screens in some situations (see above).

    LBA2 Fixes -- this archive contains files that will fix the car and sound bug mentioned above

Have something to ask or add to this list? Please let a moderator know.

Update 03-07-2003: minor fixes
Update 04-07-2003: added LbaWin urls
Update 07-08-2003: added LBA2 car bug
Update 19-09-2003: added clear non-LbaWin notice, and added "last update" date in thread topic
Update 11-01-2004: added ChaosFishes LBA1/DOSBox guide.
Update 23-08-2005: added fix for LBA2 car bug
Update 25-08-2005: added note about LBA2 sound bug, added LBA2 fixes file

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