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LBA1 on PSP Quick Guide

LBA1 on PSP Quick Guide
By xesf at 2007-12-22 16:16
Yes, its true, you can have LBA1 always with you in your pocket and what you need its what this thread will guide you.

I won't put any download links in this guide but all tools can be easily found in the Internet. Zapper could be a bit difficult so, if you had some problems, drop me a message.

You will need a PSP (PlayStation Portable) and PSOne/PSX version of LBA1.

Get your LBA copy and do following:

Step 1: Making an ISO image
- Create an ISO/IMG/BIN file using Alchool 120% or a similar program you use.
- Keep it safe in a good folder.

Step 2: Fixing Screen Positions
- Get Zapper2K tool to convert PAL2NTSC
- Make a backup of your previously created image.
- Choose Pal to Ntsc and change positions to 0,0
- Now apply the patch and fix your iso image.

Step 3: Creating the game eboot
- Get a program like Popstation or PSX2PSP
- Open your fixed iso image in one of those programs.
- Use the following images as custom game images:




SND0.AT3: Check attachments at bottom

PIC0.PNG: (I don't like to use this personally, but you can if you like it)

- Game and Save Id should be detected automatically. No need to change it. The original ones work without problems.
- Convert ISO to Eboot and wait a bit
- Copy your eboot to your PSP memory stick: ms:/PSP/GAME/LBA1

Yes, you now have your game setup to run and use, but still you will need something else.

Step 4: Setting Up
- For a proper LBA1 play, you will need Popsloader with the latest pops version 3.72.
- Previous pops version have some problems which don't let the game run well. A list of this problems will appear further.
- So install this tool in your PSP (if you have problems getting all firmware pops version let me know and I'll send it to you)
- Then, activate the plugin at your PSP Recovery Menu

Step 5: Getting started
- After you run the game in your PSP XMB menu, it will start with the previous eboot image.
- While he's at the warning image, the one with magicball.net logo, you must press R key.
- This will let you choose pops version to use for LBA.
- Choose 3.72
- Enjoy playing it ...

A DOCUMENTATION.DAT file will be included in this thread as soon as possible, so you all can have a handy manual with your LBA1 Portable as well. It could be used while playing the game.

For information only, here's a list of all pops version I tried with the game and also the problems I found:
3.00 - slow, sprite/images problems, sound problems (no voices, no sfx), bad resolution
3.01 - same as 3.00
3.02 - same as 3.00
3.03 - same as 3.00
3.10 - only problems refreshing the scenario grids, all the rest seams ok.
3.11 - same as 3.10
3.30 - a bit slow and problems re-centering the character, but the play plays well, except some times the scenario grids aren't well refreshed.
3.51 - very slow (in loading times), problems refreshing the scenario grids.
3.52 - same as above.
3.71 - fast loading times with normal game speed, but no scenario grids.
3.72 - recommended version. fast loading times and normal game speed. No issues found by now.

For any help please go to the discuss thread: LBA1 on PSP

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