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LBA1 Secrets

LBA1 Secrets
By elmuerte at 2005-12-12 10:46
The world of Little Big Adventure it quite large and has a lot of secrets. These secrets are not important in order to complete the game, but they do make it easier for you to complete it. Most of the secrets found will be listed on this page.

Clover boxes

Every clover box is a life, so the more you've got the better it is. There are 5 clover boxes, and you start with two. The other three can be found at:

The sewer of Citadel Island
When you escape from the Citadel go to the first entrance to the sewer you can find, it should be visible from where you stand.
The cellar of the tavern on Citadel Island
When you finished the Temple of Bu there will be a guard in the tavern, kill him and you will get the key. If you do it much later in the game there will also be a guard outside the tavern. Use this key on the closed door to get into the cellar.
PegLeg street on Principal Island
This is where the motorbike to the Water Tower is. You will have to use your protopack on the beach and fly to the island.

Gawelys horn

You can use it to break the seal of Sendel, and usualy you will get a lot of goodies. Sometimes there's a statue on top of a seal. Here's a list of locations where you can use the seal.

  • The cave in Twinsen's house
  • The Dr. Funfrock statue in the park acros the tavern on Citadel Island
  • The destroyed house that you reach via the right scene exit near the fortress on Principal Island
  • The statue in Luping next to the general store
  • Before the marked [rune] stone
  • The white leaf dessert, next to the exit to the military base
  • The teleportation centre
  • Funfrock's fortress on Fortress Island
  • Sendel's well on the rocky peak

LeBourne's treasure / the coffee pot

At the library on Principal Island you will get directions on how to find the treasure. It's located on Proxima Island. When you follow the directions as said, thus: walk in discrete mode to the museum the first time you arrive on Proxima Island, a little Sphero will walk to you and give you a Coffee pot. Bring that coffee pot to the Grobo that lives in the house next to the store. He will give you a list of locations of clover leaves.

The elves club

When you have to free Joe the Elf from the maze on the White Leaf desert, just walk one way until Joe starts walking, then just wait until he is almost at the entrance then walk to him, this will save you some time.

After he gives you the card don't hit him, he will reclaim the card again. When you show that card to the Raymond the Elf (on the Himalayi) you will get some clover leafs.

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