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Little Big Adventure \ Relentless

Little Big Adventure \ Relentless
By elmuerte at 2005-12-13 19:12

Little Big Adventure (LBA for short) was first released at the end of 1994. It was released in Europe by Electronic Arts and in the USA under the name 'Relentless' by Activision. LBA sold over 400.000 copies worldwide in the first release. LBA was the first game created under the label of Adeline Software International. The game was release in two versions, a CD-Rom version and a diskette version. The CD-Rom version has full motion video, high quality music and speech.

The game

Downtown Citadel IslandDowntown Citadel Island

The game is viewed from a 3D isometric perspective (the game field is rotated 45 degrees). All characters and vehicles are real 3D polygon based objects, so they move very smoothly. The rest of the game is sprite based. The game field is devided in scenes (a small piece of the whole game that is active). So when you are in one scene nothing happens in the other scenes. Click to enlargeEverytime you walk out of a scene into a new one the game is saved automatically. Finding ZoeFinding Zoe After completion of certain tasks you will be treated with an awesome full motion video sequence. All the text in the game is also spoken (CD-Rom version only). The game world is very vast, there are 11 diffirent islands and over 120 scenes to visit. You will visit places like a desert, snow mountain, underground village, rebellion island, etc. Almost every character you see in the game is interactive, the world itself is also very interactive, you can search trach bins, closets, etc.

The player

The character you control is called Twinsen. You control Twinsen with the arrow keys, he has 4 diffirent modes of behaviour.

Trapped in the CitadelTrapped in the Citadel
This is the normal mode, in this mode Twinsen will walk normaly and can talk to people and search places. When using weapons Twinsen will attack like it doesn't matter much.
In this mode Twinsen and run and jump. When using weapons Twinsen will move very fast and won't attack much.
This is the battle mode, in this mode Twinsen can fist fight and when using weapons we will attack much
In this mode Twinsen will move very silent and is able to hide. When you use weapons Twinsen will attack very slowly.

During the game you can easily change the behaviour mode. Sometimes Twinsen can use a vehicle to travel to another place, this is not interactive. Twinsen also has an inventory where he can store object he finds. Very object has it's onyl place in the inventory. Most of the time the dialogs are not very interactive, when you have the option to choose it's mostly to select a destination or subject.

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