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Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure FAQ

Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure FAQ
By elmuerte at 2005-12-19 18:47

A FAQ written by Paul D. Smith, this FAQ contains a lot of spoilers and has therefor been put in the walkthrough section. A few changes have been made in the content, identified within square brackets: [].

Frequently-Asked Questions (with Answers!)
Version 1.04
15 June 1995

Paul D. Smith

What is Relentless?

"Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure" is an adventure/action game created by Adeline Software (who released it under the name Little Big Adventure, or L.B.A.--click here) and published in the U.S.A. (at least) by Electronic Arts.

The game uses a 3/4 view top-down 3D perspective in which you control Twinsen, the central character in the plot. The graphics are excellently drawn SVGA with bright colors and a lot of attention to detail, especially in the movements of the characters. You'll laugh when Twinsen finds something and waves his arms excitedly, and when he tiptoes exaggeratedly past a guard.

The plot is set on a fantasy world: there are four different "races" of character: Twinsen is a Quetch, the most human-looking race. Also abounding are Grobos, which look like pudgy little elephants, Rabibunnies, which look like tall skinny rabbits, and Spheros, which look like round balls with skinny legs and hop around. The bad guys consist of Quetch nurses and scientists, clones of Grobos (groboclones) and Rabibunnies (rabiclones), Supergros (grobos with special sleep pellet guns) and green guards of indeterminate race. And of course a monster or two and Dr. FunFrock himself :)
[Dr. FunFrock is also a Quetch]

In the plot you are Twinsen, currently imprisoned by the tyrannical Dr. FunFrock for having dreams of the goddess Sendell (whose name and image Dr. FunFrock has forbidden) and a prophecy of a great disaster. Dr. FunFrock controls the globe with an iron fist and keeps order through the ability to clone guards and to teleport them anywhere an alarm is raised.

The characters are semi-cartoonish and should appeal to younger kids, but this is not simply a children's game: some scenes are a little sinister and the puzzles are for all ages. There is no concept of "sleep" or "hunger" so you don't need to worry about searching for food or a bed.

The game is rated G (for Great! :): no nudity or strong language. What violence there is is cartoonish; when enemies are hit they fall down or bounce backwards with stars above their head, and when "killed" they simply disappear in a pop--no blood or bodies. When Twinsen is killed he falls down as if unconscious.

The controls are very simple: no mouse or joystick is required. You control Twinsen's movements with the four arrow keys on the keyboard. Twinsen can be in one of four modes: NORMAL, ATHLETIC, AGGRESSIVE, and DISCREET. He moves differently in each mode (in ATHLETIC mode he runs, in DISCREET mode he tiptoes). Also the SPACEBAR is used as an "action" key; it performs different actions in each mode: in NORMAL mode it searches or activates things or talks to people, in ATHLETIC mode it makes Twinsen jump, etc. There are only a few other keys which are easily learned.

The sound effects are excellent. There are unique and amusing sound effects for the actions of the various characters, and details such as the different sounds Twinsen's feet make as they walk across different surfaces are never ignored. All text in the game is both typed to the screen and spoken out loud: although you can turn off the typed text I recommend leaving it on; sometimes the music can make the speech a little difficult to hear.

The music is even better than the sound effects: because the game is on a CD Adeline laid down real audio CD tracks for music and these are played in the background, giving better audio quality than any sound card could. It's a great experience when you enter the White Leaf Desert and the horse gallops past as the music swells--a small break from the pressure of slipping through the fingers of Dr. FunFrock and his minions! click here for more details on sound.


I've been answering questions about Relentless on the USENET group comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.adventure since January when I finished the game. It seems that many people are having the same problems and asking the same questions, so I've tried to collect the various responses I've given and put them down here.

I'm very concerned about spoiling adventure games for anyone: I personally never ask for hints or help on the 'Net, nor read posts about an adventure game I'm playing, because I worry about responses that reveal too much. So, the only place (hopefully) you'll find spoilers for the game is in the later sections which are clearly marked, and separated with a page-feed character (CTRL-L).

One exception to this might be the Bugs section, where some bugs require minor spoilers. However, I've purposefully made them vague enough that you shouldn't need to be too concerned.


Of course, thanks to Adeline Software for such a great game, and thanks to Electronic Arts for publishing it (in the U.S.A. anyway).

Others, in alphabetical order:

Dean Farmer s9406715@minyos.xx.rmit.EDU.AU provided the Red Key Card Bug save-game editing fix information (found it on USENET in c.s.i.p.g.a).

Adam Smith acsmith@engc.bu.edu provided the solution to the Citadel Island docks crates problem, and also I gleaned some tidbits from an early version of his walkthrough he allowed me to comment on (up through the Temple of Bu). Watch for it!

John T spent a lot of time replaying the game and digging up fun facts and amusing nuggets.

The following people contributed comments, suggestions, fixes, and enhancements: Kevin Cheng cheng@idacom.hp.com, A. Lufe deTach'd jes2x@fermi.clas.virginia.edu, Anthony J. Mills millsa@blackjack.cis.dsto.gov.au, Alan Nonis nonisa@ecf.toronto.edu, Adam Smith acsmith@engc.bu.edu, and John T .

Relentless Demo

There is a demo available for Relentless. It consists of the first couple of scenes in the game. It doesn't allow saving of the game and it has no music, but it will give you a good feel for game play, graphics, etc. It convinced me! Here're a few sites you can get it from:

Table Of Contents

These sections (except for the last of course) should be free of spoilers; all the information here you can find either in the manual or through some simple experimentation with the game features.

Product Questions

What's the name of this game? Some people call it Relentless, some Little Big Adventure (or LBA)? What's the difference?

No difference. It was released outside the USA as Little Big Adventure, and released in the US as Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure. They're exactly the same game.

Is the game available on diskette?

No; you can get Relentless only on CD-ROM.
[The game was also released as a diskette version; however nobody found a copy of that, only illegal versions roam the internet]

Is there no music with this game?

Yes, there's excellent music.

The music in Relentless is stored in audio tracks on the CDROM so it doesn't use your sound card at all. This gives excellent quality music.
[The diskette version only has MIDI music]

However, it requires that you have an audio cable from your CDROM drive to your sound card. Most sound cards and CDROM drives have special connections for a cable to allow you to listen to audio CD's through the output jack of your sound card, in addition to any output jack you may have on your CDROM drive. If you don't have a cable you'll need to get one at a computer store; usually they cost about $12 or so. Make sure you get the right one for both your soundcard and your CDROM drive.

Alternatively, you can sometimes use a simple RCA plug to connect the audio jack of your CDROM drive to an input jack on your soundcard. Or a very low-tech solution: connect some speakers to your CDROM audio jack and either headphones or other speakers to your sound card audio jack, and listen to both that way.

Here's a neat thing: try playing your Relentless CD in your CD player on your stereo! The first track is the data track where the game data is stored, but the rest of the tracks are music from the game.

Is there any way to play the game without the CD in the CDROM drive?

No. The CD must be in the CDROM drive when you play, even if you set it up to copy all the sound data (digitized voices) to your harddisk.

Saving the Game

Whew! A whole section on saving the game? Must be hard!

Well, not hard, really: just different than many people are used to. Everyone seems to have a lot of questions about it.

How do I get to the "Options" menu?

Use the [F6] function key to bring up the Options menu. Game saving commands are under the "Saved Game Management" menu.

Hey! There's no "Save Game" command! What gives?

Relentless uses a save-game procedure found more commonly in arcade/platform style games: instead of explicitly requesting a game be saved, Relentless will save your game for you automatically at pre-defined "save points" (click here).

In fact, you should think of the game you're currently playing as a "current game", rather than a continuation of a saved game. If you start up a game and play some more in it, then quit and restart it again, it will reflect your status when you quit, not the last time you started it.

How do I keep an old saved game then?

This is the best procedure to use for saving/restoring games in Relentless:

  1. Start a new game. Call it "MAIN" or something; this is the game you will play from now on: never start any other games or they will not be "saved games" anymore (click here).
  2. Enter a new area... Hmm... I better save my game.
  3. Copy your current game (MAIN) to something else. Pick a name which reflects where you are now ("entering spaceport").
  4. Continue playing ...
  5. Ouch! That wasn't good. I better restore to a previous point.
  6. Quit your current game (you don't need to exit to DOS! Just quit back to the main menu).
  7. Delete your current game (MAIN).
  8. Look at the list of your saved games, and copy the saved game you want to restore back to MAIN.
  9. Restart MAIN.
  10. Go back to step 4.

The most important point here is never play one of your saved games! If something bad happens you won't be able to use that game as a saved game anymore; the bad thing will be saved in it.

What are the "save points" in Relentless?

Relentless is divided up into "scenes". Scenes are different sizes, but most scenes in Relentless are larger than the computer screen, so you can see only part of them at a time.

You can tell the edge of a scene because you can't see beyond it. If you center yourself on the screen and there's a black boundary or door where you can walk but can't see beyond, that's the edge of the scene. This includes entering houses, etc.! If you can't see into it when standing next to it, it's a new scene.

Relentless will save your location each time you enter a new scene. So, if you quit or die in the middle of a scene you will restart back at the beginning of the scene.

You cannot save/restore a game such that Twinsen starts out in the middle of a scene: when you restore he will always start at one of the starting points for the scene.

I used up my XXX, then quit and restarted at the beginning of the scene but I don't have my XXX anymore!

Right. Relentless is a little unfair about this. It only saves Twinsen's location when he enters a new scene, but it continuously saves Twinsen's "state"; that is, his inventory, how hurt he is, etc. and also the game environment: what doors are open, what puzzles solved.

So, if you use up something in your inventory then restart before the next scene it won't matter; you'll start at the beginning of the current scene but you still won't have that item.

Conversely, this can work for you: if you manage to get an item in your inventory, or solve a puzzle, then die, you will start at the beginning of the scene but still have that item in your inventory or that puzzle solved. One exception is keys (see below), which you don't keep. However, sometimes doors that you open will stay open (unless they normally close after use).

Important Stuff In Your Manual

Manual? I don't need no stinkin' manual!

Unfortunately many people don't seem to read the manual for games very carefully. Games like Relentless are especially deceptive because they seem fairly easy to play, with very few controls.

However, your manual contains many important facts that will make the game easier and are sometimes difficult to discover on your own, and some of them are central to solving some of the problems Twinsen will encounter on his adventure.

I've been smacking this groboclone for a half-hour, and he won't die!

Twinsen can't defeat every enemy, especially with his bare fists and feet (impressive as his martial arts skills appear to be). Some enemies are even immune to his magic ball, especially at lower levels of magic.

How can you tell? Look for the white stars when Twinsen attacks something. If he hits an enemy (or friend) and no white stars appear, he isn't doing any damage. Twinsen could perform that attack all day long with no effects. Either switch to a more powerful weapon if you have it, or give it up until you find one!

I can't get in position to hit something with my magic ball.

When you throw your magic ball it will travel in different trajectories depending on what mode you're in.

The most useful alternate mode is DISCREET. If you throw your magic ball in DISCREET mode it'll be lobbed up in the air like a grenade. You can take out guards on ledges or on the other side of obstacles this way.

My magic ball doesn't go where I want it to.

At the beginning the magic ball just isn't very accurate. As you gain more magic, its accuracy will increase. In particular, at low levels of magic Twinsen can't seem to hit anyone standing right next to him, which is a problem.

So, if you let that groboclone get right up in your face to start whacking you in the head, the magic ball will probably not be able to save you. Solution: keep everything at bay! Use long-distance shots carefully lined up so you can destroy bad guys before they get too close (click here).

General Strategies

I keep running out of magic/health/money!

There's lots of magic/health/money to be found lying around (I guess the people of Twinsun have many holes in their pockets). Be sure to search every trash can, bush, crate, barrel, wood pile, end-table, dresser, desk, bureau, and sink you can find.

A particularly good place to find money is in the kash registers--you can generally only look in them if the proprietor has been otherwise distracted ;).

Who are all these people wandering around?

Oppressed citizens, like yourself, being crushed under the iron heel of Dr. FunFrock's jackboots!

And, as such, they'll often feel obliged to help you. You can use every bit of help you can get, so be sure to ask for it!

It's extremely important to talk to every single non-threatening character wandering around. Even if you've seen the same sort of person before and they had nothing to say then, try again with each new one.

Keep notes of anything interesting they say; pay attention to the details especially if they're giving you instructions or asking you to do something for them. Also make a note if they don't have anything to say yet, but seem like they might later: you might want to come back to them.

Also, read all the signs and posters on the walls. Often they contain useful information... at least you'll know where you are!

Grrr! Everyone's so hard to kill! I keep getting wiped out, help!

Relentless is not DOOM :).

Twinsen is a fugitive in a police state. His best weapons are secrecy and speed: discretion is definitely the better part of valor.

A general rule of thumb is "avoid trouble". If you see a guard, look for a way to avoid him rather than trying to whack him. DISCREET mode only gets you so far: tiptoeing does no good if your path lies in front of them, they'll just look at you funny before shooting you :)

A better strategy is to RUN! Running is the single best way to avoid trouble in Relentless. Twinsen can run past guards as long as he keeps a yard or two away (game yards, of course :). They'll fire at him where he was, and by the time the shot gets there he'll be somewhere else (I guess they don't teach "leading a target" at FunFrock's Military Academy :).

The problem with running, of course, is that if Twinsen runs into something he'll bonk his head and reel around like an idiot for a second or two; more than enough time to get shot. So, learning to control Twinsen in mid-flight is very important; be able to turn him and understand what his turn radius is while running so you can avoid obstacles without stopping.

Also, examine your surroundings very carefully. See if there's another way you can go (remember Twinsen can jump up on some things in ATHLETIC mode!), perhaps where Twinsen can tiptoe by without being spotted. As long as you can reach it you can jump on or over it: look for places you can walk on the tops of walls or jump over barriers to avoid being seen.

Of course, sometimes you must kill guards, either because you can't run or sneak by them, or because they're carrying keys you need.

In this case you should definitely use the magic ball if you have it. If you don't, all you can do is run up to them as fast as possible and attack... luckily, you get the magic ball very early in the game :)

Unfortunately Twinsen was never a baseball player in his youth, and his arm leaves a lot to be desired. With more magic, the magic ball can compensate for Twinsen's lack of accuracy, but early on you'll have to deal with it (click here).

So, get in the habit of scoping the landscape before attacking. Is there something you can attack from behind, so they can't get to you? Is there some way you can get above or behind them so they can't see you?

Failing any help from the scenery, just follow the old rule: surprise attack wins the battle. Keep far enough away that they don't notice you and line yourself up carefully. A straight line is best, because you'll probably need more than one hit and after the first they'll probably be moving towards you. Use different modes to get different trajectories on your magic ball; if you can't reach the guard with one try another before moving (click here).

I'm trying to do XXX, but I can't! Why not?

Well, one good reason is that you're not supposed to be able to do it yet. Relentless is not a strictly linear game: in particular you will be traveling back and forth between the various Islands many times so don't expect to solve everything on one before moving on to the next. However, it is a game of building knowledge and experience: many times you'll come across something that you just don't understand, only to continue on and later realize what to do with it. As Twinsen begins to understand his predicament, so will you.

If you've tried various things and you can't figure out how to do something, just note it down for later and try something else. If you get stuck review what you know and see where there are things you have left undone, and whether you can now do them.

Hey! I had a key, then I went somewhere else and now it's gone!

An important thing to know about keys is that they all disappear every time you change scenes. So, if you found one you should use it before leaving to do something else.

The exception to this is any key that appears in your inventory screen; these of course stay with you. Basically the "key count" you see on your health/magic status screen is reset to zero each time you enter a new scene.


Relentless is about the most bug-free game I've ever played. I had no sound issues, no CDROM issues, and I personally didn't run into any of the bugs below. But, others have and they can be frustrating.

I've tried to keep the descriptions below as general as possible, but sometimes they involve specific parts of the game and it's difficult to describe the bug or fix without giving something away...

If you don't see it here it might be part of the game (in particular, if you're stuck in the Teleportation Center or the room with the 3rd Rune Stone and can't figure out how to get out--those are not bugs ;)

The Red Key Card Bug

You must obtain the red key card before solving the Museum. If you solve the Museum and don't have the red key card, you can no longer get it anymore, and you need it later to finish the game. This isn't a huge problem since it's very difficult to get past the museum without the red key card. Unfortunately, it's not impossible if you're persistent and more than a couple of gamers have been bitten by this bug :(

If you've already solved the Museum and haven't got the red key card, the easiest thing is to restart a saved game before the Museum and go get it first.

If you don't have a saved game from there or don't feel like replaying everything between then and where you are now, you can edit your saved game file to give yourself the red key card.

Dean Farmer s9406715@minyos.xx.rmit.EDU.AU writes:

Use a hex editor, find the saved file you are looking for (the saved games have extension .LBA but unfortunately you'll have to go into the file to see the name of your saved game--right at the beginning). Once you've established the right file, here's what to do:

From the beginning of the file, count to the first offset that contains 00 (this is the end marker for the save-name and should appear right after the last digit of the name). Then from here, count 10 offsets and the next offset should read 00. Change this hex value to 01 in order to obtain the red card. If you find that it didn't work, try one to either side of that value, you may have changed the wrong one.

The Architect's ID Card Bug

Some people have reported that the guard does not recognize the Architect's ID card and won't open the gate.

I have no idea why this happens sometimes (so far I've seen two reports of it) and not others. One thing to try perhaps is make sure you've visited Fortress Island and talked to the rabibunny there; it may be necessary to get his input before you can get through the gate.

Another suggestion comes from Alan Nonis nonisa@ecf.toronto.edu:

I think I have a solution to the Architect's ID card problem. When you walk up to the guard he will ask you for your ID. If you are too far away from him, he'll still ask but you can't give him your card. What you have to do is, after he asks, walk RIGHT up to the sandbags (In front of the guard, not to his side) and then show him your card. Then wait for him to give you the OK.

The Tippett Island Ladder Bug

Some people have reported problems climbing the short ladder right at the beginning of Tippett Island. I'm not sure if this is a real bug or not: I recommend moving Twinsen a little bit to the left or right and trying again. Also, try turning slightly at an angle and climbing that way.

Please let me know if this is a real bug.
[This is not a real bug]

The General Ladder Climbing Bug

Someone reported he couldn't climb ladders at all, he kept falling off. Note that you must continue to press the FORWARD key and hold it down all the way up the ladder or Twinsen will fall off when you let it go. However, even this didn't seem to help in this case.

Again, I heard just this one report; no workarounds or solutions.


These are hints for parts of the game which are kind of tricky otherwise and which many people have had trouble with. I'm not saying that if you have problems not covered by the hints below you're a poor gamer; everyone has their own blind spots and you probably saw things immediately others missed or hunted for :)

But, I also don't want to make this a walkthrough so I'm just putting commonly-asked questions here. If you have a problem not covered by this you can ask the 'Net, or if you're concerned about getting too much info you can email me directly--I try to be very discreet and never answer questions I wasn't asked: if you can't do something I'll just say "can't do that yet" and I won't tell you all the steps to get from where you are to the answer you asked about.

The table of contents should help you find the hint/answer you're looking for; you can then go right to it. Use your willpower to not read answers to other questions :) They come in more-or-less chronological order so hopefully you should be able to read them without learning much until you get to the one you want.

The Citadel / Citadel Island

  1. The nurses keep seeing Twinsen and sounding the alarm!
  2. What should I do after escaping from The Citadel?
  3. Twinsen keeps getting captured at his house!
  4. What's all the cool stuff in the cave under Twinsen's house?
  5. How does Twinsen get onto the docks/get a ticket?
  6. I need a solution for the crate puzzle!

Principal Island

  1. How does Twinsen get off the docks?
  2. Now where do I go?
  3. How do I purify the water?
  4. How do I get back to Citadel Island?
  5. Where can I find a return ticket for the ferry?
  6. How do I get the Old Burg-ians to trust Twinsen?
  7. How do I find the Astronomer?
  8. How do I get by the Supergro to see the Astronomer?
  9. How do I find Peg Leg Street?
  10. How do I find the water supply?
  11. Where do I get gas?
  12. How do I get to Port Belooga?
  13. Who is the rabibunny imprisoned in FunFrock's Headquarters?

White Leaf Desert

  1. How do I get ashore?
  2. How do I get into the soldier's barracks?
  3. What do I do after talking to the old man in the desert?

The Temple of Bu

  1. How do I open the door?
  2. How do I get back over the wall to the first lever?
  3. How do I get by those two skeletons?
  4. How do I get past the second rolling log?
  5. What do I do with that weird flying pterodactyl-bird?
  6. How do I open the door in the room with the bouncing rocks?
  7. I can't reach those switches on the pillars!
  8. I'm on a platform but I can't reach a switch to make it move!
  9. How do I arrange the three platforms so I can climb them?
  10. How do I get past the two skeletons guarding the Book of Bu?
  11. How do I get out of the Temple?
  12. I've read the Book of Bu, but how do I find the treasure?

Proxima Island

  1. The fisherman doesn't want to take me anywhere anymore, how do I get off Principal Island?
  2. Where is the forger's house?
  3. How do I get a hair dryer?
  4. How do I get the treasure from the Museum? (Warning: this is the complete answer!)
  5. Where can I find the Red Key Card?
  6. How do I get to the Eclipse Stone?

Rebellion Island

  1. Why won't the rebels let me land?
  2. How do I get out of the bunker?
  3. How do I get to the Colonel?

The Hamalayi Mountains

  1. My rebel partner is too wussy, he keeps getting killed!
  2. Where can I find a blue key card?
  3. How do I get out of the snowboarding scene (man!)?

The Rabibunny Village

  1. How do I get the Magic Carrot door open?
  2. How do I get to the mutant factory?

The Mutant Factory

  1. I keep getting thrown in jail; I can't kill the nurse by the alarm.
  2. What levers do you have to pull to deal with the crab mutants?
  3. How do you destroy all the mutant eggs?
  4. How do you get back from the Mutant Factory?

The Northern Hemisphere

  1. How do you get back to the Southern Hemisphere & off the Hamalayis?
  2. Where is the Clear Water Lake?
  3. How do I get the clear water--the lake is frozen!

Tippett Island

  1. What's with that vacationing groboclone?
  2. What's with the fisherman?
  3. How do I get through the door behind the groboclone?
  4. Where can I find a guitar?
  5. I rocked the Twin-Sun Cafe, now what?
  6. How do I get across the sewer water?
  7. I can't climb the ladder, there's all kinds of rubble blocking it!

The Teleportation Center

  1. The nurse at the gate won't let me in!
  2. Where can I find the plans to the Teleportation Center?
  3. Where's the Architect?
  4. I'm through the gate, but I can't get into the building!
  5. I can't get back out of the Control Room!

FunFrock's Fortress

  1. How can I get in?
  2. Yikes! How do I destroy that rolling orange thing!
  3. The flying groboclones keep killing me before I can get across the pool!
  4. I got recaptured by FunFrock, and the whole game started over!
  5. I found the clone storage room, what now?
  6. I read the Runic Stone, but now I can't get out!

Construction Site/Polar Island/Well of Sendell

  1. How do I get there?
  2. I got through the boulders but now what?
  3. How do I get past those killer bulldozers?
  4. How do I kill the construction workers on Polar Island?
  5. I got rid of all the workers, now how do I get up?
  6. FunFrock is tough! How do I kill him?

The Citadel / Citadel Island

The nurses keep seeing me and sounding the alarm!

You need to get rid of your prison clothes to make yourself less conspicuous. After getting through the first door with the key, turn north at the end of the hallway and enter the locker room. At the back there's a changing screen with a nurse's uniform thrown over it; walk behind the screen and you'll change. Nurses will now let you walk right up to them without sounding the alarm.

If you wait until the nurse patrolling the main room on the ground floor is walking on the other side of the room you can run into the locker room without him seeing you either, so you don't have to kill him before he hits the alarm.

Don't forget to check the lockers for other goodies :)

What should I do after escaping from The Citadel?

Look at your Holomap. See the big red arrow? Manipulate the Holomap controls and you'll see it's pointing to your house. Sounds like as good a destination as any!

Twinsen keeps getting captured at his house!

Note what your girlfriend says to you: "hide!" Remember that you also needed to hide to get into the garbage truck at the Citadel: hide here the same way: enter DISCREET mode and use the ACTION key to crouch down and hide (just being in DISCREET mode is not enough!)

You must both be hiding before the Supergro starts looking for you, and you must not be in plain site in the foyer :) So, right after you finish having a conversation with your girlfriend in your house, enter ATHLETIC mode and run to some other room (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or living room all do nicely), then hide.

If you don't manage to hide before you're caught, don't worry about it. You can simply re-escape from the Citadel and go back to your house. Unfortunately now there are some clones guarding it, but if you talk to your neighbor you will get a clue as to how to get back into your house without having to fight your way in.

What's all the cool stuff in the cave under Twinsen's house?

Very neat useful stuff! But you can't get it until later, so give it up. You'll know when.

How does Twinsen get onto the docks/get a ticket?

You have to get through the gate. The groboclone won't let you through without a ticket. But the ticket vendor calls the cops on you if you ask him for one. Fine, you'll have to cheat your way on and he won't get paid :)

There're two ways to get through the gate: either clobber the groboclone with your magic ball, or some people have managed to jump up on the crates until the could jump over the fence, but this is difficult. Do whichever you like.

Once you get on the docks, ask that depressed grobo in a sailor's suit for help getting a ticket.

I need a solution for the crate puzzle!

If you've ever played Sokoban this is easy, but if you just want a solution, here's one provided by Adam Smith acsmith@engc.bu.edu:

       #XX     #
       #XX 4   #
       # # #####
       #  3   #
       # # ## ##
     ### #     #       N
     #   2 ##  #       |
     #   ####1 #       |
     #####  # ##     --|--
            # #        |
            #T#        |
To solve the puzzle:
  1. Push box 1 north one square.
  2. Push box 2 west two squares.
  3. Push box 3 west one square.
  4. Push box 4 west two squares.
  5. Push box 3 west one square, then north three squares (you'll have to walk around a little to get from the east side of the box to the south side.)
  6. Push box 2 east one square, then north five squares.
  7. Push box 1 north two squares, west three squares, north five squares, and west one square.

Principal Island

How does Twinsen get off the docks?

There are two ways. The first is to use the eastern exit. To do this, ignore the groboclone waving you on (he'll ignore you unless you attack him). Walk down and stand with your back against the wood boxes facing the green guard. Throw your magic ball until he's gone (if you stand far enough away he won't notice you until you hit him).

Next, jump over into his little bunker area, walk to the other side, and line yourself up with the rabiclone. Use your magic ball on him. He'll fall down, but keep hitting him when he's down. When he gets back up he'll probably get a shot off so make sure your magic ball is in the air when he hits you, so he'll be knocked down again and you can continue to whack him. Once he's gone, stroll on through. An alternative is to jump over to the other side of the sandbags (not too close or he'll shoot you), hit him once, then run past while he's trying to get up.

The second way is to go north: walk between the barbed wire and the north edge of the dock. Carefully scope out the beats of the green guards there without getting too close, then take them out one at a time. You can then walk through the archway behind the bunker north into the next scene. I've had trouble with there being clones 'n stuff hidden under that archway, but others say this works fine.

Now where do I go?

Probably the best place to go next is the Library (go north up the east side of the Island). After that, try the Old Burg (due west of FunFrock's Headquarters.

How do I purify the water?

You don't need to purify it exactly, you need to make it taste better. First you need to find it--solve the rest of the Old Burg and if you still haven't found it see the hint for Peg Leg Street below.

Then you need to find something to make it taste better: try looking at the Bazaar in the Old Burg; they might have a clue.

How do I get back to Citadel Island?

You'll have to take the ferry back: at this point that's the only way.

Where can I find a return ticket for the ferry?

You'll have to buy one.

The ferry ticket office on Principle Island is near the docks, but west of where you landed, through some tough bunkers. The easiest way to get back there is actually to be recaptured (!) since the Principle Island detention center is close to the ticket office.

To do this, just walk up to the nearest Supergro (there are a couple in the Old Burg) and say howdy. He'll reply by whacking you with a sleep pellet and carting you off to the detention center--remember, Supergros don't kill you, they just put you to sleep and imprison you.

Once you've been recaptured, escape and go through the door due north. Fortunately for you the ticket agent here is not as duty-minded as his counterpart on Citadel Island; however, unfortunately for you he's also not terribly honest: expect to pay a premium price for your ticket in a bit of blackmail :-/

How do I get the Old Burg-ians to trust Twinsen?

Just as they say: you have to clobber a clone. Remember, clones are the mechanical-sounding ones. Clobbering a green guard (the military ones with rifles) does not count. Also it's not a Supergro (the grobos in white with blue masks); they're invincible (at the moment ;).

Also you'll have to do it nearby to them so they'll know you did it. There's a prime candidate: a rabiclone is wandering around the outskirts of the Old Burg. Just keep looking (and listening!) and you'll find him.

How do I find the Astronomer?

Once the Old Burg-ians trust you, try talking to the rabibunny waiting at the corner by the southern entrance to the Old Burg, tapping his feet and looking at his watch.

How do I get by the Supergro to see the Astronomer?

Talk to the female rabibunny leaning against the wall next to the Bazaar.

How do I find Peg Leg Street?

It's due south of the Old Burg; on that north-south road to the east of the Old Burg (where Julia lives), just keep going south out the bottom of the scene.

How do I find the water supply?

Go to Peg Leg Street, and follow it west. Steal the motorbike while the guard is following nature's call. Be very careful when you get back, he'll be pissed at you... so to speak :).

Where do I get gas?

You can get some in the Bazaar in the Old Burg (that house next to the female rabibunny with a little gas can over the door).

How do I get to Port Belooga?

You can find transportation in the military camp, north of the Old Burg and west of the Library.

Who is the rabibunny imprisoned in FunFrock's Headquarters?

Another poor victim of tyranny, no doubt, not lucky enough to have escaped. Or, perhaps just a common criminal :). Regardless, he has very interesting information for you, but he's well-guarded so it's tough to get. It's not urgent that you have this information immediately, so you may want to wait until you have a bit more magic. But it's certainly obtainable now if you want it.

To talk to him you'll need to get down into the ditch next to his window. To do this, first take out all the guards you can with your magic ball. The machine gunner on the roof of the prison cell is easy; simply lob your magic ball up there in DISCREET mode.

Next, deal with the green guard at the south end of the ditch... stay as far away as possible so he doesn't notice you and the red rabiclone guard can't hit you. Use the various modes of your magic ball until you take out the guard.

You can't reach the red rabiclone on the roof with your magic ball, so you'll have to avoid his shots. Jump into the ditch at the south end where the green guard was, then go north to the window, hugging the wall so he can't hit you.

Actually, getting back out of the ditch is the hardest part ;).

White Leaf Desert

How do I get ashore?

No help for it; you just have to jump. Two tricks: one, examine the cycle of the machine gun and go between barrages. Two, throw your magic ball: it will travel in the same direction you will when you jump, so if it lands off to the side of the rock you're aiming for, so will you.

This is one of the places the odd save-game feature will really annoy you. Bummer.

If you ever have to come back here later in the game, and you have a way of flying, remember you don't need to do this jumping thing again: just fly over the water. Look out for the tank and the guards in the barracks though.

How do I get into the soldier's barracks?

You can't; there's an endless supply of guards in there. You don't want to anyway, so never mind.

What do I do after talking to the old man in the desert?

Take the leap! In ATHLETIC mode, jump into the well next to him to get to the Temple of Bu.

The Temple of Bu

How do I open the door?

When you stand on the platform with the bouncing fireballs, it opens. Unfortunately, when you get off it closes. There're two choices: (a) keep going, get the statue, get it back, and put it on the platform to hold the door open, or (b) if you have a mecha-Penguin, and you're careful, you can have set the mecha-Penguin walking towards the platform. When it steps on the platform the door will open and you can get through. That might be considered cheating by some, clever by others :) Take your pick.

How do I get back over the wall to the first lever?

You can jump back. Go to where you first loaded the statue on the moving platform. Walk east from there to the edge: from here or around here you can jump over to the wall and get back to the first lever.

Use NORMAL or DISCREET mode to sidle up as close as possible to the edge, then switch to ATHLETIC for the jump.

How do I get by those two skeletons?

You can pop them from the stairway where they can't reach you; you might have to go down off the stairs to lure them.

Alternatively if you're really careful you can hit the switch to move the last platform with your magic ball. If you do that you can walk across the wall and ignore the skeletons altogether.

Anthony J. Mills millsa@blackjack.cis.dsto.gov.au writes:

In the Temple of Bu I found the best way to get past the two skeletons by accident. I dropped the statue off the platform once, and when I went down to do something about it the skeletons stayed away from me and I pushed it right past them and up the stairs on the other side without a bother. No stuffing with switches or anything. Maybe they're scared of it :)

How do I get past the second rolling log?

You don't want to fall through the holes. If you do, you'll have to go through a whole useless section of the Temple, then start right back before the second rolling log and try again.

If you're really good you can just outrun it. If you're not (I couldn't do it either, don't feel bad :) then just notice that at the bottom of the stairs the railing to the south of the corridor ends and there's a one-tile wide strip there.. But the log is only as wide as the corridor.

So, run down the stairs just before the H-shaped hole, then jump across to that strip of tiles (you can't over-jump, so don't worry). Once the log rolls by, continue on (but don't dawdle, there's another coming! :)

What do I do with that weird flying pterodactyl-bird?

Ignore it.

How do I open the door in the room with the bouncing rocks?

You have to destroy each rock with your magic ball, then the door will open.

I can't reach those switches on the pillars!

Go into DISCREET mode, and lob your magic ball up there. Your magic ball will trip the switch if you hit it.

I'm on a platform but I can't reach a switch to make it move!

You don't have to; just use the ACTION key in NORMAL mode and you'll hop up and down on the platform to make it move.

How do I arrange the three platforms so I can climb them?

The three levers on the post are the ones the hopping guy in the Library gave you the solution to, remember?

"Pull the middle lever once, then pull the right lever once."

How do I get past the two skeletons guarding the Book of Bu?

You can either hit them while standing in the hallway, that's pretty easy, or you can just ignore them, wait for the right time, then run up and grab the book. Once you have it the skeletons will realize what a righteous guy Twinsen is and bow down meekly :)

How do I get out of the Temple?

Just go due east after getting the book, to the big spotlight. Don't go all the way back through the Temple! Yikes!

I've read the Book of Bu, but how do I find the treasure?

The Book of Bu will allow you to read ancient runes; where else have you seen ancient runes that you haven't been able to read?

Try looking in the cave under your house on Citadel Island.

Proxima Island

The fisherman doesn't want to take me anywhere anymore, how do I get off Principal Island?

You need your own boat. Wander around Port Belooga some more and see if anyone's selling (not the fisherman!) You'll need a lot of kashes; to be precise, 200 kashes.

Where is the forger's house?

As soon as you land at the Proxima Island docks, go up the stairs and turn west. You'll notice the road actually continues on into another scene, rather than stopping there.

How do I get a hair dryer?

Talk to the disgruntled quetch in a suit walking around in front of the museum; he's a hair dryer salesman.

How do I get the treasure from the Museum?

(Warning: this is the complete answer!)

OK, here's what you do. You'll need a working jetpack and the red key card.

  • Use the red key card to go into the left door of the museum.
  • Walk through the hall until you see a sewer grate. Stand on the grate and use the ACTION key in NORMAL mode. It'll go down.
  • Make your way south through the sewer to the next grate; hop on that and it'll go up, depositing you in the jail.
  • Clobber the nurse and pull the lever to sound the alarm.
  • Go back into the sewer the way you came.
  • Go back north to the grate below the museum; take it back up into the museum.

You're now in the museum with the alarm on, so there's nothing but automated guards. Remember what the worker grobo in the jail said: all the wooden floors are alarmed so you'll have to use the jetpack to fly over them. You can land on the display cases and take what you like (hint: you need more than one thing from the museum :)

Where can I find the Red Key Card?

To get a handle on the Red Key Card, you have to go back to Principle Island and have a talk with the rabibunny imprisoned in FunFrock's Headquarters. You can talk to him through his prison window in a ditch on the East side of FunFrock's HQ.

How do I get to the Eclipse Stone?

You can't get there yet; that big wall with the Seal of Sendell is in the way. Shortly you'll know how to break the Seal.

Rebellion Island

Why won't the rebels let me land?

They think you're an agent of FunFrock's. Can you think of anything you could do to your boat to make it look "rebellious"?

Hint: Talk to the rebel rabibunny standing guard at the Hamalayi Mountains.

Hint II: What you need is in the Museum.

Answer: Get the pirate flag for your boat.

How do I get out of the bunker?

You can jump out where you came in, on those boxes. Keep trying.

How do I get to the Colonel?

Take the jeep, to the south of the bunker.

The Hamalayi Mountains

My rebel partner is too wussy, he keeps getting killed!

Listen carefully to the instructions you get when you land with the rebels. You are given two orders: one is to not get too far ahead of your rebel partner, but the other is even more important: you must destroy the communications dish first!

The communications dish is up on a ledge in the first scene where you land with the rebels, right as you go through the passage to the second scene. Whack it before going on!

Where can I find a blue key card?

If you don't have it yet you'll have to take your boat back to the White Leaf Desert and go back through the military camp. Once back in the desert search the northern wall for the Seal of Sendell, blow your horn, and chase down the elf. He'll give you a blue key card (that's what that is all right; the first time I got it I thought it was bogus and didn't save that game :-/).

How do I get out of the snowboarding scene (man)?

Once you're done taking free rides, look to the east edge of the scene, in the middle. There're two little bushes about road width apart; go through those.

The Rabibunny Village

How do I get the Magic Carrot door open?

Talk to the rabibunnies in the village (try tasting the soup :)

How do I get to the Mutant Factory?

Again, talk to the village rabibunnies. One will dig a hole for you to get to the Mutant Factory.

The Mutant Factory

I keep getting thrown in jail; I can't kill the nurse by the alarm.

Don't try; I never could either. Instead, just take the subway the worker grobo was working on (get thrown in jail first so you can free the elf; he'll give you lots of clovers!)

What levers do you have to pull to deal with the crab mutants?

I pulled them all.

How do you destroy all the mutant eggs?

Throw your magic ball into the pen with them until they're all gone. You'll know when you've done it (if the eggs are gone and you don't get the "flash" then you've missed some mutant parts).

Some people say use DISCREET mode but I used AGGRESSIVE or ATHLETIC mode to get my magic ball to bounce around as much as possible.

How do you get back from the Mutant Factory?

Walk back out... careful of the crabs. If you pulled all the levers before the door should be open now.

The Northern Hemisphere

How do you get back to the Southern Hemisphere & off the Hamalayis?

Go back through the Magic Carrot door, then back through the hole dug for you to get to the Mutant Factory. You're now back on the southern side of the Hamalayis.

Walk along that ledge and whack the machine gunner (say hi to the elf you freed! :), then jump down and exit the scene to the west. Look familiar?

Now go through that scene and exit it to the southwest. You will find your boat in the next scene.

Where is the Clear Water Lake?

You need to get through this guard post and across the bridge. When you get down to the other side and get rid of the red clone and see the airboat, don't get on it; instead go north then west at the corner.

How do I get the clear water--the lake is frozen!

You need to thaw it; to do that you need the flute. You can get the flute from the Marked Stone on Proxima Island.

Tippett Island

What's with that vacationing groboclone?

He has nothing to say... yet. But it might be useful to remember that there's a groboclone who has information to sell; you might need info from a 'clone later on.

What's with the fisherman?

If you search near him you'll find a key. This will get you through the door behind the groboclone.

How do I get through the door behind the groboclone?

Look near the fisherman for a key.

Where can I find a guitar?

Well, the only one I recall seeing was being used by that old rabibunny in the White Leaf Desert...

I rocked the Twin-Sun Cafe, now what?

Talk to the bartender; I'm sure he'll be excited by the new atmosphere of his place.

How do I get across the sewer water?

If you have a jetpack you might try flying. Alternatively, you can also ride on the crab's back (although that's trickier; getting on is easy but getting off at the right time can be harder).

I can't climb the ladder, there's all kinds of rubble blocking it!

Just go into ATHLETIC mode and jump up the rubble till you get to the ladder, then climb.

The Teleportation Center

The nurse at the gate won't let me in!

Heh! It's not as easy as that! :) Maybe you can think of someone who could help you get in... hmm... what about that groboclone on Tippett Island? Surely a clone would be familiar with the Teleportation Center? If you don't want to bother going to ask him, see the next question.

Where can I find the plans to the Teleportation Center?

As the vacationing groboclone on Tippett Island will tell you (for 50 kashes): you can find the plans for the Teleportation Center in a safe in FunFrock's headquarters (back on Principal Island).

Now that you have all four levels of magic, you can defeat Supergros with your magic ball! Unfortunately they're all pissed at you and will hit you with flame balls now instead of those nice sleep pellets (ouch!)

Where's the Architect?

He's back on Citadel Island--he's your neighbor's son! (Remember? "My son, who's an architect, ...")

I'm through the gate, but I can't get into the building!

Watch and follow the rabibunny who keeps coming out of the building and climbing onto the roof to the left.

I can't get back out of the Control Room!

When you destroyed the computer terminal, it blew a hole in the wall to the southeast (where you can see FunFrock's bust). Jump over the wall there. Trust me, there is a hole there. Just do it.

FunFrock's Fortress

How can I get in?

Ask the rabibunnies to help you.

Yikes! How do I destroy that rolling orange thing!

I moved behind the other hole and hit it with my magic ball. If it comes back out of that same hole, switch to your sword and use that.

The flying groboclones keep killing me before I can get across

the pool!

Go back to the previous room and check out the spigot at the bottom of the ladder...

Once the water is gone, you don't have to worry about drowning. Either take out the flying groboclones or just run across the pool bottom (look out for the shark :) to the north edge and climb the ladder.

I got recaptured by FunFrock, and the whole game started over!

No it didn't, you're jumping to conclusions. You know how to get out of here... do it and see what happens!

I found the clone storage room, what now?

Examine the back wall on the southern side (also you don't need to kill all the clones; if you abuse them enough they'll all wake up).

I read the Runic Stone, but now I can't get out!

This is a weird one; as far as I know there're no hints as to what to do. My Infocom training came to the fore and I figured I had to "unlock" this stone like the other two, but the horn didn't work, so I started trying other magical stuff from my inventory on it.

Pour the clear water on the stone.

Construction Site/Polar Island/Well of Sendell

How do I get there?

Examine your holomap: where does the road up there originate?

Take a closer look at the ruins of FunFrock's Fortress you just blew up.

I got through the boulders but now what?

You have to find the key to the gate on the east side of the scene further north. The construction worker at the top of the hill to the north has it; you'll have to work your way up there to him to get it.

How do I get past those killer bulldozers?

The easy way is to use a mecha-Penguin. Bulldozers apparently don't like them any more than red clones do.

The harder way is to just run past. The last one is the hardest: notice there's a line which, if you cross it, the 'dozer will see you. Step across this line right next to the wooden stakes. When the 'dozer gets close, step back. It will forget about you and start dozing off to your north. When it does that, just start running. You should be by it before it gets turned around, and you can easily outrun it.

How do I kill the construction workers on Polar Island?

The first one is easy; use your sword on him: two whacks at most.

The second and third are harder. For the second, just DISCREETly tiptoe up to him; if you're in DISCREET mode he'll fire over your head. Lob your magic ball up there to whack him.

The third is the toughest. What worked for me was to run (in ATHLETIC mode) right up to the ledge he's working on, then immediately go into DISCREET mode. If you get close enough to the ledge he'll shoot over your head and you can lob your magic ball at him. Don't run too far and bonk your head; he'll waste you before you can recover.

Alternatively, Kevin Cheng cheng@idacom.hp.com writes:

After discreetly lobbing the 2nd guy, follow the dotted path in discreet mode up until the ">" and the lob at "3" still in discreet mode. He won't notice you 'til you hit him and he'll also shoot over your head.
         :| 2
         :......>|_|   3|

I got rid of all the workers, now how do I get up?

Twinsen can climb things besides ladders; anywhere there's a rough surface to get a good grip. Look carefully at the walls of the Well; they're not uniformly smooth.

Dr. FunFrock is tough! How do I kill him?

Various people have reported good luck with various methods. Of course you must use your sword; FunFrock is too powerful for your magic ball even with all four levels of magic.

You should be be in AGGRESSIVE mode when using your sword; apparently you get more slices and keep FunFrock off balance that way.

You should also be facing him dead-on as much as possible; if you're not facing him directly he gets more shots in.

Some people say that if you charge him when he's falling to the floor you can pin him against the wall so he can't maneuver and he's pretty easy to kill.

If you do let him fall to the floor, don't try to attack him until after he starts slapping your girlfriend around (hey, we all have to pay a price for freedom! Twinsen's certainly taken his share of slaps during the course of the game :) At this point he'll ignore you until you actually start hitting him. If you run at him otherwise he'll use some kind of long distance shots to whack you where you can't reach him.

Finally, remember that you can use your clovers to replenish yourself. Once you die, even if you have clovers, you're dead (FunFrock destroys the world: a good cutscene; you should check it out at least once--not that you probably won't :) so don't save those clovers! If FunFrock gets a couple of hits on you, bring up your inventory and select the clover bin; it'll rejuvenate you. Watch your health carefully during the battle: after every hit you take bring up your health screen. Three or four FunFrock whacks can kill you so watch out. It took me personally 3 or 4 clovers before FunFrock died.

Fun Diversions

You should probably not read this section until you're done with the game as it doesn't try to be circumspect.

Here's a list of fun stuff you might not have done or noticed in Relentless:

Where are all the clover boxes?

There are three other clover boxes in addition to the two you start with.

  • One is in the sewers on Citadel Island, in the scene just south of the Citadel.
  • One is in the basement of the Tavern on Citadel Island: you can't get in until later in the game after FunFrock's minions close it; if you re-open it you'll get a key to the basement.
  • One is on the little island south of Peg Leg Street on Principal Island: the bridge is out so you need to fly over.

Fun with Gawley's Horn!

You can open lots of stuff with Gawley's Horn. Try blowing it in various places:

All the Seals of Sendell:

  • One in the cave under your house (gives you a big supply of clovers--replenished whenever you come back).
  • One in the ruins on Principal Island.
  • One on the way to the Eclipse Stone.
  • One in the White Leaf Desert.
  • One at the Teleportation Center.
  • One in Dr. FunFrock's Fortress.
  • One at the Well of Sendell.

The busts of FunFrock that aren't on a thick square pedestal:

  • One in the center of the garden on Citadel Island, in the scene with the entrance to the docks.
  • One in the Old Burg, next to the Bazaar.

Checking out your history.

You can review all the cutscenes you've seen so far at various places in the game:

  • Examine Julia's television set in the Old Burg.
  • Examine the globe right next to the entrance to Sendell in the Well of Sendell (it's probably best to wait until after you dispose of Dr. FunFrock :)

Fun facts and oddities.

Have you tried / Did you notice? (Easter Eggs in Relentless)

  • If you talk to the first nurse that comes into your cell on the platform right at the beginning, he mentions that an informer turned you in. This helps make the nervousness of the Pharmacist when you visit him much more understandable--and means you don't need to feel bad about pounding him ;)
  • John T points out that you can inflict damage on guards by jumping on their heads: i.e., jumping off a ledge or something and landing on them.
  • On Citadel Island, in the scene with the entrance to the docks, there's a groboclone guarding seemingly nothing on the archway over the passage to the docks. If you whack him he gives up a key, apparently to nothing. But actually there's a gate behind him that lets you into the scene to the south... not very useful.
  • John T writes:
    At the military camp [on Principal Island], wake the sleeping guard and get him to shoot at you. Dodge it (of course). Afterwards, if he doesn't go back to sleep, he will walk over to the outhouses and knock on doors. Voices will come from the inside.
  • The envelope containing the list of clover sites says there's a clover on the roof of the museum: you can get up there through a secret door on one of the walls near the exhibits inside the museum.
  • John T writes:
    If you go back to the water tower on Principle island, you can pour a little bit of water from your flask of clear water into the water system. The water will turn clear.

    When you go back up the ladder in the water tower, a green elf will appear at the teleporter and say "Ewwwwwww!!!! Teleportation makes me nauseous!" and throw out a clover.

    If you go back to the library and talk to the fellow who opens the door to the book for you, he will say something like "I don't know what you put in the water this time, but my kidney stone has gone away!".

  • John T also writes:
    After you get captured by falling for the Clone of Zoe trick, escape from the prison, kill the one guard, but do not kill the guard and nurse in the northeast room after escaping. Let the one guard take a swing at you and back off. He will go for the alarm button... which shouldn't be working because the teleportation center has been destroyed. When the alarm does go off, what appears at the transporter is the elf from the Hamalayi mountains. When you get your equipment back, you can go back to get 3 clovers.

What the heck is that for?

  • What's with that robot on Citadel Island? Early in the game the grobo next to it just says you don't have permission to take it, and if you come back later it's gone and the grobo says they took it to the construction site--but you never see it there. Seems like a lot of programming for an extremely vague hint about the construction site!
  • What's that strange chopped-up Twinsen in the cell next to you after you've been captured in Dr. FunFrock's Fortress by the clone of Zoe (your girlfriend)? I dropped in there and beat him up, but nothing happened. Is this supposed to represent something?

    John T suggests:

    That cut up Twinsen in the next cell is probably an incomplete clone.
Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure FAQ
Copyright (C) 1995
Paul D. Smith <psmith@BayNetworks.com>

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