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LBA2 Secrets

LBA2 Secrets
By elmuerte at 2005-12-14 15:09

LBA2 is loaded with little secrets, often these secrets grant you a bit of cash, life points or magic power and sometimes clovers or a lot of stuff. This page lists a lot of secrets in the game but not all might be covered.

General hints

Perform action on everything that looks like it could be used. This includes things like garbage cans, plants in a pot, trees, cacti, dog poo, etc. Sometimes you will have to attack\shoot it to get the secrets.

Often you can take a short-cut in the outside area, when you jump off the edge you will slide down automatically. This way you could avoid certain enemies. Sometimes you can take a short-cut using the proto-/jetpack. But be aware, you can't use these tricks to get around certain obstacles.

Meca penguins

Unlike in LBA1 you can have more than one meca penguin, you can buy them in the stores or find them at certain places. Here are a couple of places where you can find a meca:

Desert Island
Near the lighthouse on Desert Island there's a meca penguin, you can actually see it when you leave Desert Island with the ferry. To get there you need to get on the rock via an entrance on the beach near the female quetch.
Backstage in the bar on Otringal is a meca. It is behind the changing fence. However, because of a bug you will lose all but one meca when you pick this one up.
There's a secret room filled with Meca Penguins in the statue of Darkmonk.There's a secret room filled with Meca Penguins in the statue of Darkmonk.
Celebration Island
In the end-game when you're inside the statue there is a secret room filled with meca penguins. See the picture how to get there.

Hidden room in the sewers

Citadel SewersCitadel Sewers

The key to the locked door in the sewers of Citadel Island is hidden inside the box under the overpass. See the picture.

Palace quick exit


There's a quick exit from the palace in Otringal. Simply throw your ball at the window behind the chest and it will open. When you go through the window you will be outside and you don't have to battle through the rooms again.

Cheating the Casino

Otringal CasinoOtringal Casino

There's an easy way to win one of the casino games. However it will cost you hearts. You can cheat with the game with the lizard. Simply start to bet and as soon as the lizard starts moving use the horn of the blue triton.

UFO health


Simply sit down on the shown bench. As soo as you get up you will receive a lot of hearts.

Temple Park

Win the game with the ducks and you will receive balloons, using these balloon you will be able to get into the vent shaft of the temple. In this shaft you will get a lot of kashes or other bonuses.

With a little luck it's also possible to jump over the fence around the vent so you don't have to win the duck game.

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