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LBA2: The Story

LBA2: The Story
By elmuerte at 2005-12-14 14:27

This is the story of LBA2 as told by Twinsen at the beginning of the game.

Hello, I'm Twinsen, the hero of this adventure. Can you see me up on the box up there with my girlfriend Zoé? That's my trusty friend Dino-Fly on the right, and that's a portrait of Sendell, our benevolent goddess, who breathes life into everything. Thanks to the medallion, and the magical powers she gave me, I was able to save our beautiful planet Twinsun. I had to investigate all the islands to save Zoé, and prevent our world from being destroyed. The terrible dictator Funfrock had the entire planet in his grip - until I came along.
Yep, I'm proud to say, Zoé and I are expecting good news. We'll soon be hearing the pitter-pat of tiny feet, so we got to hurry up and get everything ready. Our world lives in peace nowadays, everything's calm, and we all have our place in the sun.

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