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LBA2\Twinsen's Odyssey


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LBA2 \ Twinsen's Odyssey

LBA2 \ Twinsen's Odyssey
By elmuerte at 2005-12-14 14:19

The sequal to LBA\Relentless is called LBA2 in Europe and Twinsen's Odyssey in the rest of the world. The main diffirence between the European version and the other versions is that the European version has multiple spoken languages, you can choose from: English, German and Frensh. The rest of the game is identical. LBA2 is the third game released under the Adeline software label. LBA2 was initial released in 1997, after that the European distributer (Electronic Arts) released ceveral "budget" releases of the game.

The game

Citadel Island HarborCitadel Island Harbor

The world of LBA2 is split in two parts: inside houses and buildings and the ouside world. Inside the game is rendered the same was as LBA1 was: in a 3D iso-metric point of view. Outside the game is rendered in complete 3D. All characters and vehicles are fully 3D. The game is still devided in scenes, but outside the adjacent scenes are also rendered so you can see the whole 3D world.

he adjacent scenes however are not active, all characters in there are not rendered. Just like in LBA1 you will be treaded with some high quality full motion video sequences while on your quest.

The 3 planetsThe 3 planets

The game world in LBA2 is even larger then in LBA1, you can travel to 3 diffirent planets, visiting 9 diffirent location and over 180 scenes. You can visit two of the islands on Twinsun, you can tarvel through space to visit Emerland Moon and the alien planet Zeelich where you can visit 6 alien islands.

The player

Just like in LBA1 is the character you control is called Twinsen. You control Twinsen with the arrow keys, he has 4 diffirent modes of behaviour.

This is the normal mode, in this mode Twinsen will walk normaly and can talk to people and search places. When using weapons Twinsen will attack like it doesn't matter much.
Near the Otringal spaceportNear the Otringal spaceport
In this mode Twinsen and run and jump. When using weapons Twinsen will move very fast and won't attack much.
This is the battle mode, in this mode Twinsen can fist fight and when using weapons we will attack much
In this mode Twinsen will move very silent and is able to hide. When you use weapons Twinsen will attack very slowly.

During the game you can easily change the behaviour mode. On Desert Island you can freely ride around in a buggy, on Citadel Island you can get a lift from a rabbibunny on a scooter. Travel between islands can be done via various ferrys. You can speak with over 200 characters, most of the time the dialogs are not that interactive.

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