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Little Big Adventure 2 Speedrun Walkthrough

Little Big Adventure 2 Speedrun Walkthrough
By Kobold at 2007-10-17 18:26
The following is a walkthrough for LBA2 that provides that fastest path through the game. It will guide you past all interesting sightings or even all story elements. Use it as your guide in speedrun competitions.

The Rain

At the beginning, go to get the Magic Ball. Head for the museum, enter it through the window at the top, hit the switches, run down to get your tunic.

Go to the cliffs near the flowers circle and jump down onto the road near the Tralü's cave's entrance. Enter the cave. Ignore Raph, stand behind the barrels and throw your magic ball at the switch on the other side.

Pass on to the next room, do a running jump onto the ladder and climb it. Follow the path until the closed gate, change into discreet mode and hit the switch on the other side with your Magic Ball. Meet Joe.

Pass on, fight the first Tralü and get the key. Jump onto the rock on the left, jump onto the platform, head down for the second Tralü. Kill it and get the second key. Go up the stairs again and jump over the obstacles on the narrow path to the locked gate. Enter and cross the bridge quickly, and exit the room at the other side.

Fall down, kill the Tralü with your Magic Ball or aggressive mode. Get its key, drop down into Raph's cell and open the door from the inside. Run after Raph and meet Zoé on the cave's exit.

Back at your house, take the path past Dino-Fly to the lighthouse and talk to the Weather Wizard standing in front of the lighthouse's door.

To Zeelich

Get 10 Kashes. Go into the Ticket shop at the harbour. Read the poster about the Temple of Bù to know about Desert Island, then talk to the clerk and buy a ticket to Desert Island. Head for the ferry, reveal your ticket and board it.

On Desert Island, go into town and get the Gallic Acid from either the Healing Wizard's house or the shop. Go to Baldino and get the car part. Go back to the ticket office (12 Kashes needed), get a ticket and take the ferry back to Citadel Island.

Go to Zoé and give her the car part. Also go to your neighbor and give him the Gallic Acid, to receive the pyramid key in return. Back to the harbour, buy another ticket (10 Kashes) and take the ferry to Desert Island again.

Go to Baldino and get the Portable radio from him. Wait for Zoé to call you, then head down to the harbour to get your car. You can buy a ticket right now (12 Kashes) to avoid having to return to Port-Ludo later.

Drive the car over the ramps onto the rock with the Balsam flower and pick the flower. Drive or jump down to the Temple Park, enter, and jump down the well to get Kashes. Go back outside and jump down again to get more Kashes, until you've got 120.

Enter the graveyard through the way by the trees, and enter the School of Magic. Pass on to the second room, and jump from table to table to the other side. Use discreet mode past the fire-spitting wall and get the key. Jump over the tables back, open the gate and meet the Grand Rector.

Pay the entry fee and head to the blowgun test room. Hit the targets in time and receive the blowgun. Also show the rector the flower to get the Horn of the Blue Triton. Head back out, get back to the harbour and take the ferry again to Citadel Island.

Go to Dino-Fly and heal him with the horn. Fly with him to the Dome of the Slate. Pass through the Dome and get the Magic Slate after finishing. Get back to Dino-Fly and leave for Desert Island.

Go to the School of Magic again and receive your diploma. Get 50 Kashes and find the travelling salesman to get the Wizard's tunic. Go to the Hacienda and talk to the Esmer in front of the men's bath. Agree to go with him.

On the shuttle, view the tourist video and collect the translator. Wait until the shuttle lands.

The Esmer Invasion

Follow the esmers and enter the passage where you meet Joé. In the prison, talk to Joé. When the door opens, run past the guard, hit the switch to the left to open the back door and get out of the prison. Kill the robot to blast a hole in the fence.

Go through the dogs' traning course into the reception of the Spaceport. Jump onto the barrels and over the fence to avoid setting of the alarm. Fall down the elevator shaft. Head out to the Spaceport's landing area.

Get into the control tower and kill the guards at the stairs. Climb the ladder, and grab the Itinary token from the scientists. Go back down, outside and board the shuttle. Fly back to Twinsun.

On Citadel Island, escape from the Esmer, go downtown and enter the Baggage Claim. Go downstairs and get your crate out using the robot. Leave your crate and pay 102 Kashes to the worker. (Get the Kashes from the secret room further in the Baggage Claim). Go back to the entrance and receive the Proto-pack.

Go back home and talk to Zoé. Fly with Dino-Fly to Desert Island. Get past the guards to the other side of Port-Ludo, and call the turtle with the bell. Jump on her back, get into the pearl's cave, fly with the Proto-pack over the spikes and get the Pearl of Incandescense. Get back out the same way and go back to Dino-Fly.

If you want to, you can go to the Hacienda now, fly with the Proto-pack over to the Island across the Hacienda and get the Protection Spell.

Fly with Dino-Fly back to Citadel Island and head through the town to the Weather Wizard's tent. Put the pearl in the cauldron and get the Lightning Spell. Open the gate to the sewers and get onto the bridge. Do a running jump to get ontop of the middle platform. Alternately, go back to town and to the pub. Get the key for the cellar there and fall through the hole.

In the middle platform, set the Pyramid key on its space, get inside and use the Lightning Spell to get the Ball of Sendell. Go outside again and receive Baldino's call. Exit the sewers, go back to Dino-Fly and to Desert Island.

Get back to Temple Park. Fight your way inside and get onto the waggon. Set the arrows correctly to navigate the waggon downstairs and use it to get the key to the Esmers' base. Go to the dormitories and get the key out of the Esmer's suit. Get into the next room and kill the skating Esmer for another key. Open the door to the elevator and fly with the Proto-pack over the electric floor. Kill another guard and get the Itinary token. Get back to the shuttle and board it.

Saving Baldino

Upon landing on the Emerald Moon, give the correct password, Operation GREEN MOON. Get into the space suit and leave the shuttle. Enter the welcoming building and take the suit off again. Hit the switch for the square door and leave the building again. Go straight through the door you just opened and take off the suit yet again.

Head into the next room, past the Franco scientist and down to the Franco guard next to the lever. Hit the wheel to open the door and leave the room to the left. In the following room, turn around and run past the Franco guard into the cell room. Kill the guard there to get the key, and open the cell. Upon returning from the cell, let Baldino kill the new guard for you, hit the lever again to re-open the door and run after Baldino and the dissident.

Follow Baldino back into the right wing of the base where he stands in front of the locked door. Head up the stairs to the right. Destroy the green computer screen with your magic ball to distract the workers, hit the lever to open the door and follow Baldino. Take on your suit and head out of the base.


On Otringal, jump across the rocks and use your proto-pack at the rocks with the slopes to fly across the gas layer, then jump from the rock onto the harbour. Go to the Middle City and talk to the Franco at the gas station. Then go back to the harbour and to Rick's bar. Play at the slot machines until you've got 100 Zlitos, then go to the captain at the harbour, pay the money and get to Celebration Island.

Kill the guards and go up to the bandaged Franco who returned from Island CX. Talk to him, then go back to the docks. Wait for the taxi to arrive and take it to the island of the Francos.

On the island of the Francos, enter the shop and buy the pick-ax. Then head around the houses and dig for the Francos' fragment behind the shop. Now go to the pipes near the fence and jump from the pipes over the fence into the area of the Gazogem reffinery. Go to the back of the building and enter.

Run forward and jump over the water pool to the edge of the pools. Let yourself fall down into the lower area and take the elevator up to the Franco guard. Kill it and rotate the wheel. Take the elevator down again and get the key. Wait for the steam in front of the door to pause and run straight through the door.

In the next room, run past the steam when it pauses and take the elevator up to the guard. Jump across the room to the bottom left to the pools, then go to the pipes at the very bottom part of the room. Follow the path to the right and jump up the platforms, avoiding the steams on your way, to get the key out of the box. Jump across the pipes into the direction of the door and open it.

Kill the Franco in the next room to get the key. Make your way around the steams to the top right part of the room, then turn the left wheel once, then the right wheel once. Get onto the moving platform in discreet mode to avoid the steams. Get to the door and enter the last room.

Jump down, kill the guard and kill the Franco scientist from farther away with blowgun or magic ball and collect his key with your magic ball. Open the dog's cage, and run past them and up the stairs. Kill the guard who's hiding behind the door to get his key. In discreet mode, get past the steam on the steams up the stairs and turn the wheel to turn the steams off. Collect the Gazogem and get the key from the box. Go back down the stairs and exit through the back door. Drop down, jump from the barrels over the fence again, then go to the docks and take the taxi back to Otringal.

If you give Baldino the Gazogem now, you'll have to return to him later, so it's better to visit Rick first. Enter the pub and kill the big Wannie guards to get the key from one of them. Enter Rick's room and talk to him, then go back out and to Baldino, give him the Gazogem and receive your Super Jet-Pack in return.

To the undergas

From Baldino's, get back to the harbour and go up the slopes into the direction of the Middle City. At the waterfall on your way, use your Jet-Pack to cross the small river and fly to the door in the rock, then turn to the narrow path on the left. Run along and avoid the Franco soldiers who shoot at you.

In the Upper City, run around the Imperial Hotel and enter through the back window of the bathroom. Leave the bathroom and talk to Johnny Rocket at the pool. Follow him into his room and get the Dissidents' Ring. Then go back to the bathroom and through the window. Get into the elevators building and jump down the broken elevators. Head out and go to the Middle City, where you enter the Twinsunian Souvenir shop.

Kill the two hussars in the Upper city to get the palace key, then enter the Emperor's palace. Fight your way through the many rooms to get to the room at the very top. Fight the three pigs there to get the key, then kill all three hussars in the next room and the two-headed monster that appears. Get the Sups' fragment, Dark Monk's key and the fireball. Go into discreet mode and shoot your ball to the sign on the wall just above the chest to open the palace's secret exit. Climb out and get back to the upper city.

Show the Dissidents' Ring to the shop owner, then enter the secret passage and talk to the Wannie dissident to get the Pisto-Laser. Get back out, to the harbour and take the taxi to Celebration Island.

Past the guards, try either a careful jump to get to the crystal directly or follow the path around the volcano, jumping on the rock platforms coming down the waterfalls on your way. Use the pick-ax to get the crystal bit for the Pisto-Laser. Climb the ladder, jump back to the main area and go to the harbour. Set off to the island of the Francos.

On the island of the Francos, enter the area of the Gazogem reffinery again and get into the building to the far left, past the guards at the gate. Kill the Franco guard inside and use your pistol to shoot at the switches on the opposite wall. The combination to open both doors is, from left to right, Up, Down, Up, Down. When the doors open, run past the other guards to the harbour of the Francos. There, board the tanker and set off to the elevator to the Undergas.

On the elevator platform, meet Money-Monkey and kill him by any means. Get his key and board the elevator.

Island CX

Use your magic ball in discreet mode to kill the Franco technician who operates the switches to the right, then hit one of the switches. Avoid the Franco guard and exit the building. Run past more Franco guards and the tank.

Near the Building Company, enter the Wannies mines. Inside the mines, collect at least six gems on their various locations. Also kill the big Wannie guard to get the key for the secret chapel. Grab the Wannies' fragment, then fight off the angry Wannies and exit the mines.

Avoid more Franco guards on your way and get to the Wannies' village. Go to the room at the bottom, pick up the Wannies' glove if you didn't get it in the mines and eat Firefly tart. Give the piece of tart to the old Wannie in the cave to get the key to Dark Monk's chapel. In the next room, try to avoid the many fireballs and climb up the ladder at the top. Talk to Mr. Monk, then go back out of the chapel. Talk to the Monk's maid in another room to learn the Ferryman's song.

Leave the village and sing the Ferryman's song at the Ferryman's lane. Set off to the island of the Mosquibees. Once there, use your Super Jet-Pack to get to the main land and collect the two gems in the area, then talk to the Mosquibee and ask to talk to the Queen.

Show the Queen the Dissidents' ring. In the test room, destroy the black balls to get a key out of one of them, and use it to open one of the doors to get the Blowtron. Once the Emperor's attack has started, fight yourself through the village and get out to the way to the island of the fragment. Collect the gem near the paratroopers and near the bridge, then cross the bridge and enter the cave.

Climb the stairs, get past the spider and use the elevator. Run round and climb another stairs to get to the island's top. Use the Wannies' glove to fight the gas monster. Get the key from it and get the Mosquibees' fragment. Head back down the cave, over the bridge, and get down to the Ferryman's docks. In that area, also collect the two gems that have reappeared. Call the ferryman and get back to Wannies island.

If you have a Meca-Penguin, enter the Building Company through the front door, kill the guards and trick the security system with the Meca-Penguin to open the door to the cells. Open the cell and talk to the Queen to get the key. If you don't have the Penguin, enter the mines again, and get onto the conveyor belt in the first scene. In the packaging room, jump into a crate AFTER the lid has been placed above it, and get out of the box by hitting Action in the storage room. Jump up the crates and climb the ladder to the building's roof. Jump across and fall down the hole in the cell's ceiling. Talk to the Queen and get the key from her, then use the Magic Ball or the Blowtron to hit the lever to open the cell from within.

With the key, take the Ferryman back to the Mosquibees island, get into the village and to the throne room. Kill the Orc and open the secret passage. Use the elevator to get to Island CX.

Saving Twinsun

Kill the guards to the right to get the key. Inside, use your Jet-Pack to fly over the gas layer, avoiding the Gas Monsters on the way. Pull the lever to open the door and fly out. Kill more Francos, climb up to the island's surface, and kill the Franco gunman for the key to the control tower.

Inside the tower, hit the wheel to open the door, get up the stairs avoiding the bombs and shoots and get past the Franco into the now-open door. In the next room, run past the invincible Hussars, hit the wheel to the left and exit the door to the left. In the following room, get the key from the wall, then jump down and go to the right part of the room. Open the door, kill more Francos and get down the elevator.

Downstairs, kill the emperor and his technician, then get the Emperor's key and his sword. Kill the hussar coming down the elevator and take it back up. Re-enter the hussars' room you crossed before and kill the hussars there to get a key. Open the locked door in the room. Climb the stairs in the tower and get the itinary token at the top. Head back down and out of the tower, then board the Emperor's shuttle and take it to Otringal.

In the Upper city, kill the two hussars to get the palace key, then enter the Emperor's palace. Fight youself through the many rooms to get to the room at the very top, where the three pigs are. Kill them and enter the fragment's room. Kill all three hussars there and the two-headed monster. Get the Sups' fragment, Dark Monk's key and the Fireball. Go into discreet mode and aim your magic ball at the sign at the wall directly behind the chest. This opens the palace's secret exit, which you can climb out. Go back to the upper city.

Head through the elevator building and the streets back to the harbour and take the taxi to Celebration island. Place the key inside the temple to raise the statue. Talk to FunFrock, then jump over the pillars on the temple's roof and into the statue. Kill the Grobo clones in the area and free the wizards. To do this, deactive the monitors in the order Second from left, First from left, Fourth from left and Third from left. Pull the lever to free them. Then use the elevator to the statue's head.

Quickly get the elevator back down and drop through the now-open hole in the ground. A level down, kill the Grobo clone with rockets at the bottom of the scene, then head to the top to open the door. Kill the two Grobo clones coming from the telepods, then fall down the hole.

In the last room, kill the rocket grobo clone to the left to get the key, then head to the right and downstairs to face FunFrock. Kill FunFrock and any of his clones, preferably with the Lightning spell. Go near the lava for the ending cutscene.

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