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LBA3, Article

LBA3, Article
Chat with Frédérick Raynal - 12/March/2006
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By ChaosFish at 2006-03-12 21:16
The following is a transcript from the chat with Frédérick Raynal hold on the Adventure Europe forums during the Frédérick Raynal week.
Everybody was allowed to ask Fred some questions about various subject.

LBA3 Campaign
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By Axx at 2006-01-19 21:22

Wednesday - The 31st of May 2006
Its been several months since the LBA campaign. We yelled, we screamed, and we got noticed. Joystiq (largest french gaming magazine) of France reported the news, Just-adventure.com (largest Adventure gaming website) reported the news, adventure-eu.com reported the news and ran a whole LBA week.

The number of sites that reported the news, and joined us in our excitment at the possibility of a LBA3 were innumerable. Heres a tip, go to google trends and type "little big adventure", check out january;). So its fair to say, the campaign was a success in terms of getting attention for our cause, but was it a success in terms of helping push LBA3 into production?

LBA3 Information
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By elmuerte at 2006-01-02 11:13

This page contains a bit of information, but mostly links, about LBA3. There are ideas about creating an 3rd game in the series. The creators want to create the game but there are some complications. The exact details can be found in the linked articles. There have been some recent developments around LBA3 and the new company of Frederick Raynal: "Ludoid". In fact, there is a fairly big chance that LBA3 will go in development in the near future. Read the LBA3 Campaign page for more information.

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