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LBA3 Campaign

LBA3 Campaign
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By Axx at 2006-01-19 21:22

Wednesday - The 31st of May 2006
Its been several months since the LBA campaign. We yelled, we screamed, and we got noticed. Joystiq (largest french gaming magazine) of France reported the news, Just-adventure.com (largest Adventure gaming website) reported the news, adventure-eu.com reported the news and ran a whole LBA week.

The number of sites that reported the news, and joined us in our excitment at the possibility of a LBA3 were innumerable. Heres a tip, go to google trends and type "little big adventure", check out january;). So its fair to say, the campaign was a success in terms of getting attention for our cause, but was it a success in terms of helping push LBA3 into production?

Thats the key question which hasnt been answered just yet, but will soon (I hope!)...

So a big thankyou to the community for making this possible. I will post a larger list of achievments soon.

Ahmad Ghourab

This page is an update of what progress has been made so far.

First off, i'd like to thank everyone who has been active in the LBA3 Campaign. Thanks to you, in a matter of 2 days, this is what has been achieved :-

6 major Publishers contacts have been listed, as well as two lists of all the game publishers that exist.

A file dump has been created. Now volunteers who wish to help the LBA3 Make it Happen cause can now collect Images, Fan art and music, and relevant articles and dump them into a folder on www.twinadv.net for use later on in a video compilation.

The petition enteries have been skyrocketing, with almost 30 petitions in the last couple of days, whereas usually that would take 3 months.

An alliance has been created with two Beyond Good and Evil fan forums. BG&E is one of the few games similar to LBA, and would benifit both us and them and the whole action adventure genre should LBA3 be released.

A rather large list of game magazines in a number of different countries have been listed. All that we need now is for me to carefully word a letter to be sent to all of them in their respective languages
Update 22nd Jan :- 21 Magazines written two, Twinadv article spreading very quickly amongst european websties on the internet. Search for " "Little Big Adventure 3" " on google, and see for yourself!

Another publisher has contacted me, hoping to discuss licensing rights with Frederick Raynal. This is the second such incident, and it occured shortly after the first day of campaining.

Loads of fan art is now being compiled, to be dumped into the twinadv folder, and some fan art is being made for the campaign, and its looking good.

IGN has been contacted, and I hope to hear from them soon. They wont be the only ones to be contacted, be sure that our target is some 200 magazines worldwide. (21 in 3 hours already, english only so far)

Hopefully, during the weekend we all have more breathing space to campaign more. I expect to meet several targets mentioned in the "Alright, its War ^_^" thread by the end of the weekend.

After that, we will start making new targets, and make sure we keep working on the previous targets.

Thankyou all!
Ahmad Ghourab

LBA3 - Make it Happen

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