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LBA3 Information

LBA3 Information
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By elmuerte at 2006-01-02 11:13

This page contains a bit of information, but mostly links, about LBA3. There are ideas about creating an 3rd game in the series. The creators want to create the game but there are some complications. The exact details can be found in the linked articles. There have been some recent developments around LBA3 and the new company of Frederick Raynal: "Ludoid". In fact, there is a fairly big chance that LBA3 will go in development in the near future. Read the LBA3 Campaign page for more information.

The game


Not a lot of information is known because the game is not in production yet. But here are some "facts".

  • The game will feature Twinsen and Zoe's son, called Arthur.
  • The sub-title is The Stellar Entity Genesis, or a-like
  • You'll be able to control more than one character (Twinsen, Zoe and Arthur)
  • All of Twinsun will be available in the game
  • The game will at least be released on the PC
  • The game will be more realistic, but still keeping the LBA style

With the title being The Stellar Entity Genesis mostlikely has to do with the entity inside Twinsun that the Sendells watch over. The stellar entity was what Dr Funfrock was after.

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