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PC Gameplay 1995-02 [1]

PC Gameplay 1995-02 [1]
By elmuerte at 2005-12-15 21:01

A review of LBA1 in a Dutch game magazine PC GamePlay (former name: PC GamePro), issue 1995 februari\March. Part 1.

My name is Twinsen and my hobbies are walking around, fighting, walking around sporty and jumping, and hiding myself when it gets dangerous. I live on the once peaceful and lovely planet Twinsun. My planet has two suns and is divided into two halves which each have their own sun. The two halves are being separated by big mountains. A while ago the evil doctor Funfrock got on the stage. The mean and power hungry man ended the peaceful lifes between Quetches, Grobos, Spheros and Rabibunnies. He banned us all to the southern side of the planet. Here he started a real terror. Thanks to the invention of cloning he can reproduce each of us and use them for his evil plans. For this he has a network of teleporters placed all around the planet so he can immediately send his troops to stop every resistance. Luckily there is one thing that keeps us going and that is our belief in the goddess Sendell. One day she will save us all from Dr. Funfrock. When the doctor heard this he immediately forbade talking about Sendell en speaking about the legend. Because I broke this law I am now in this unfriendly cell. But I am sure the goddess exists and I will do anything to escape from this cell and find Sendell.

You play the role of the young Quetch Twinsen and have to try to stop Funfrock’s reign. After escaping from your cell you have no clue of what to do or where to go next. Luckily the program helps you with some hints and information with your first steps. This way the four different action options are also explained. Twinsen can behave and move in four different ways. First there is normal mode. In this you can walk around, talk, pick things up and use them. The next mode is aggressive. You will walk around making angry sounds and everyone who gets in your way gets a good beating. Then there is Athletic. You jump and walk like a drugged up rabbit in this mode and before you know it your enthusiasm will make you run into something. And last is Discreet mode. Shhhht, you mode veeeeery carefully and you can hide for people. The switching between these different modes is very easy and definitely adds to the charm and the fun of this game. Because Twinsen has been animated so well you can easily notice in which mode he is now. You control him using the arrow keys and it needs some practice in the beginning, This is because you see everything from a isometric point of view.

Translation by Assassin

PC Gameplay 1995-02 [1]

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