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Power Unlimited 1995-03 [2]

Power Unlimited 1995-03 [2]
By elmuerte at 2005-12-15 21:07

Second part of the LBA1 review in the Dutch gaming magazine Power Unlimited. The English translation follows.

Victims with amnesia

I also thought it was too bad you opponents only walk after you for a little while: hit your opponent and walk back a few steps. The victim will come after you for a little while and then just turns around like you’re not there at all. Not very realistic, but very helpful when beating the tougher enemies. The same goes for when you beat up the innocent civilians. You can just do this while there are soldiers around you. They won’t do anything and will only react if you hit one of them (hmmm, maybe it IS realistic.)

Running instead of fighting

This weird repeating isn’t everywhere in the game. Often objects are on a completely different place when you try again and also the civilians of this game world change their position regularly. It’s also very nice how you want to clear the area in the beginning by killing every enemy. After a while you start to realize it’s much more useful to switch to athletic mode and simply run past your opponents. If you’re out of luck they will shoot you in your back, but often it will go just fine and you can save a lot of energy this way.


Even though I had some criticism on this game, that won’t be a problem once you have started. It’s really not easy and Twinsen’s movement never seize to amaze. My biggest criticism isn’t something which has to do with the game itself, it’s the saving system. Even though the game seems to be saved automatically, I never understood how it worked. Sometimes I started on the same place as I had died (the most logical) but very often the game started on a completely different place. Sometimes I kept the objects I had found and sometimes I had lost everything. It also didn’t seem possible to save a new game over an old game. Every time I had to give it a different name and I had to wait to see what got saved. In other words, the saving system makes the game unnecessarily harder than it already is and gets really annoying. Despite of that, I don’t want to be too hard on the game because I’ll say it again, when you see Twinsen in action, you’ll be hooked whatever happens.

This translation has been provided by Assassin

Power Unlimited 1995-03 [2]

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