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The Ten Best Computer Game Villains

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Dr. FunFrock
Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure

Despite his name, the evil despot of Relentless (known as Little Big Adventure in Europe) isn't particularly fun, though he does wear a frock. In fact, he's a tyrant - a bald, ruthless ruler who holds the world of Twinsun (not to be confused with the character Twinsen) under a reign of terror.

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The hero of the game, Twinsen, is imprisoned by FunFrock after having dreams of the Goddess Sendell. Mention of or reference to the goddess is absolutely forbidden by Dr. FunFrock, and Twinsen is seen as a threat because of his unexplained visions.

As Twinsen, you must escape imprisonment, uncover the reasons for Dr. FunFrock's fear of Sendell, free the citizens of Twinsun, and rescue your wife (who was taken by FunFrock when your home was raided by his henchmen).

Twinsen's Adventure is an epic game that spans a number of exotic lands scattered across Twinsun. What makes these lands similar, however, is the handprint of FunFrock. Large busts of his head are found everywhere, his army of robotic clones guards every conceivable locale, and his strange plan is in evidence everywhere.

What made FunFrock such a great villain was that he was a traditional tyrant, plastering his image and ideology throughout the land. Like the game itself, FunFrock was bizarre. His toy-like appearance fit in with the Playskool style of the game, though his large head and jutting jaw gave him a distinctly sinister look. Moreover, the final showdown in The Well of Sendell was a truly challenging fight, forcing you to use all of the skills at Twinsen's disposal.

FunFrock was defeated at the end of Twinsen but still managed to make a surprising cameo in the sequel, Twinsen's Odyssey.

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