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GameSpot's TenSpot

The Ten Best Gameworlds


Relentless and Twinsen's Odyssey

The world of Twinsun, depicted in the games Relentless and Twinsen's Odyssey, is a truly interesting and colorful setting. Although developer Adeline was not terribly creative when it named the world after its main character, Twinsen, the world itself is noteworthy for its animated look and its strange denizens. While many other gameworlds are dark and futuristic or lush and fantasy-themed, Twinsun is neither. Instead, it's a cartoonish mirror of our own real world, with just a dash of the strange and impossible to make it a parallel fantasy world, populated with all manners of talking animals.

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In both Twinsen games, the world of Twinsun is vast, and has numerous settings that span different environments. There are volcanic mountains, sandy beaches, deserts, ominous fortresses, and plenty of indoor environments. The sheer variety of new places to explore, as well as the vastness of the gameworld, leaves many adventure gamers feeling greatly rewarded when they play both games. There are plenty of things to explore in the environments as well as people to talk to, especially in the main town of Twinsen's Odyssey. It is here that the other half of the gameworld, the inhabitants, adds to the ambiance and uniqueness of the setting. Twinsun boasts many anthropomorphic denizens, including the elephant-headed Grobos and the rabbitlike Rabbibunnies. In Twinsen's Odyssey, more strange people begin to populate the world, including the sausage-shaped aliens called the Knarta.

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Contributing to the sense that this gameworld is alive is the attention to detail. You'll see people walking down the street, beasts wandering the deserts, tourists admiring the artifacts in the town museum dedicated to Twinsen's first "little big adventure," various Twinsun denizens having fun in a local bar, and so on. These people have their own lives, independent of your actions - and the world truly seems as if it could exist without you.

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In our review of Twinsen's Odyssey, reviewer Ron Dulin said, "Perhaps more than any adventure game in recent memory, Twinsen's Odyssey successfully creates the feeling that you are taking part in a living, breathing world, and an incredibly strange one at that. The attention to detail in the hundreds of characters you'll encounter is stunning, and the fantastic settings and excellent musical score make wandering around Twinsun and Esmer a great experience." Twinsun is truly a world worthy of being considered one of the most detailed and interesting of game settings. All gamers, and especially adventure gamers, should experience it for themselves.


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