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This page is mirrored on the MBN just for sentimental values. Most of the files and large images on this site do not work. However, you can find that, and more, on the Magicball Network.
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The background music is great, it's
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13 feburari 2002
the World of Little big Adventure is BACK
Well at least most of the content has been mirrored on the MBN. The whole site is viewable but all large images and downloads are not available.
Most files are available via the MBN, and most images should be available to.. So just go to the MBN for the rest.
the Magic Ball Network
28 october 2000
The new site that I'm going to make will be called "the Magic Ball Network", the site under construction can be found here, the site will be moved to it's final location at Adventure Gaming when the site is completed. In the meanwhile you can visit the official Magic Ball Network forum
8 Februari 2000
Not realy an update, but a statement why I haven't been updating my site lately.
I'm going to close this site :). No worry a new and much better one will come in place for it.
For the complete statement, click here.
29 December 1999
Only 2 more days to go until a new year, so I decided to do a little.
I've fixed some broken links (some images didn't work), and added 2 new links.
It's not much, maybe I'll work on this site more in the new year, who knows ;-)
23 october 1999
Added chapter 8 and 9 of Jesse's LBA FanFic : "the Mystical Legend"
And I've opened a new section "LBA Fan Fiction".
21 october 1999
Just uploaded chapter 7 of Jesse's LBA FanFic : "the Mystical Legend"
3 october 1999
Well I've uploaded the LBA2 cd music (download)
I also uploaded a fixed version of Darkstealth's XTract (in now also works on fast CPUs). I've also added some LBA2 savegames.
You can also download a LBA2 screensaver made by Pistons.
Also for download in the Files-Sound section are LBA sounds to use for Windows.
And I've uploaded 2 new windows start-up screen by Ido Beeri.
The new fan fics will be delayed till next time... :-(
To view the old news click here
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