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[TwinAdv] New era on Twinsen's Adventure
By MBN Bot at 2005-11-29 16:35
Welcome to the new Twinsen's Adventure website!

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[TwinAdv] Word from Frédérick after a year in the dark
By MBN Bot at 2005-11-29 16:33
A new company to be set up, and Trium Planeta expectations.

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[TwinAdv] Trium Planeta not Xbox exclusive?
By MBN Bot at 2005-11-29 16:29
Some discussion has been going on lately on the MBN forums about Trium Planeta being Xbox exclusive. However, F4-toys could be making Trium Planeta for several consoles, and the PC.

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[TwinAdv] Delphine Soft taken over
By MBN Bot at 2005-11-29 16:00
Delphine Software has been taken over by a French firm, Doki Denki, developing Moto Racer Traffic. This might mean that Adeline Software is under this company as well.

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Some unseen sketches and renders.
By Axx at 2005-06-29 00:25
Please visit http://www.twinadv.net/news/view.php?id=11


Frederick Raynal – He’s back making games
By Axx at 2005-05-20 01:17
New e-mail from Fred, who comments on the recent news coming out from LWS and F4-Toys.

Please find the post at the following link.

P.S. Mods, please move this and the previous news piece (Tfpsly "Trium Planeta still alive") to the News section, MBN admin page seems no longer accessible. El Muerte, if you read this, please try resolve the issues.

Trium Planeta News Update
By Axx at 2005-05-12 14:29
Please Visit


I may be e-mailing others soon just to get every side of the story, and to authenticate the news already posted.

Ill keep u posted


Trium Planeta cancelled as Fred sets up new company
By Axx at 2005-05-06 01:05
Please visit the following link to read the full breaking news.


(note, the MBN news posting isnt working, so this will have to do for now)

Read everything.

Twinsen's Adventure 2nd Release
By MBN Bot at 2004-11-24 18:29

Around late 2002 I shared with the MBN my ambition to create a commercial LBA website, one that a game like LBA deserves. I also shared my vision of an international site, one with the most up to date information and resources regarding LBA, and the creators. Today that vision is to be realized, both by myself, and by the many fans whom without, this site would not have been possible.

TwinAdv release 2 offers a number of improvements, and additions, namely:-
: - The site is translated into 13 languages (with only 7 ready for upload)
: - New fans page has been added. Now any passer by can see the many faces of LBA fans.
: - New e-mail from Frederick Raynal (sorry guys, no luck with TP screenshots)
: - New files section
: - Added LBA sections, now anyone passing by can find out what LBAs all about.
: - New FAQ section (still work in progress)
: - LBA3 petition is now 24 pages long! That has been updated so that the better worded petitions now appear randomly at the top.
: - Search function is now available
: - TwinAdv Crew is formed of 11 members, almost all of different nationalities!
: - And of course, a great new look, and design!

If you feel you could contribute to the site, either by translating it in your own language, or writing an article for it, please email us at [email address]

Many thanks to all the contributors for their hard work!

Also thanks go to Frederick Raynal, who kindly replied to my e-mail with some great news!

TwinAdv 2nd release launches 21:00 GMT Wednesday 24th of November.

Ahmad Ghourab

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LBA Projects
By MBN Bot at 2003-12-13 15:44
George writes:
I am happy to announce that a new site for LBA was created.
The site contains projects for editing LBA files like the projects you find on MBN.
All projects are open-source.
The site is incomplete but it will be completed soon.
The main thing is to bring open source software to the community and help people learn about LBA File-Formats.

Hope you like it!!!
News posted by El_Muerte

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