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LbaX: an unofficial sequel to LBA1 and 2
By MBN Bot at 2003-10-30 17:55
What is LbaX?
LbaX is an unofficial non profit sequel of Little Big Adventure 1 and 2 made by mad_aeon.
It is developed with Borland Delphi 5 using an open source engine called GLscene.
You can also make your own maps or an entire LBA game using a Map editor.
A beta release it available from his website.

Also, mad_aeon is looking for developers to join his team. He is looking for delphi programmers, voice actors, music composers, modelers and texture artists.

News posted by El_Muerte

F4-Toys financed by French Government
By MBN Bot at 2003-10-13 17:30
I got some more news on www.twinadv.com this time Lucifer found it. Apparently the french government gives grants to French video games companies and f4-toys happens to be one of them, this comes at a time when Frederick Raynal has declared F4-Toys has NO financial problems!

News posted by axx

Twinsen's Adventure Site Up and Running!
By MBN Bot at 2003-10-06 21:49
Im happy to announce that the site i talked about in May 2003 has been completed and has been reviewed by Frederick Raynal (Note he did not verify that everyhting was correct)
The site aims to be the Info centre as well as a commercial lba site (for future time)
We therefore invite anyone who believes he can add somthing to simply contact me or lucifer.
The main feature of the site, which is extremely unique to other LBA sites is the articles section.
In it has info on f4-toys, Fred, and trium planeta which has not been released before.
The site design is a starters design, a more complex design will be made (once we really need the commercial section)

Hope you like it!

News posted by axx

Trium Planeta By MID 2004
By MBN Bot at 2003-06-10 23:15
Again, one of my frequent searches brings some very good news. The following passage was translated to english from russian. The original document can be found here:-
F4-toys has been looking for a publisher, as the company is independant of any other company
This is the first piece of good news in a long time, i didnt excpect tp for a few more years

"Company F4-Toys on closed stand E3 has presented the working version of first project Trinum Planeta. The press not so has noticed the beginner, having built in turn to Half-Life 2, as in the mausoleum. F4-Toys have taken offence, but a kind have not shown. Also have correctly made, you see there works itself ???????? ??????? (Frederick Raynal), one of founders Alone in the Dark and Little Big Adventure. F4-Toys promises to finish Trinum Planeta up to middle of 2004."

News posted by axx

Explore desert island like never before:)
By MBN Bot at 2003-05-31 21:46
I was playing lba2, for like the 50th time, when i had to save the game, while driving the car. When i came to load the game i had my finger on the "up" button, and suddenly i was in the center of the market area! I drove around a bit trying to leave the place, without luck. So i saved the game again, and loaded it with my finger on the up button, and i was over the mountain?! This is a very cool bug, i wont post any savegames because they arnt needed. I tested it on another pc, happy to say it worked again Try this with your protopack, might work aswell, who knows!

News posted by axx

F4-toys at E3
By MBN Bot at 2003-05-28 20:52
The MBN member, darkflame, got a net buddy, who was going to E3 to cisit f4-toys post there. Apparently they werent showing of a game, but were looking for publishers (note fred said they had none the last time i called him) This is what he had to say:-

"Hi Thomas

How are you?

Sorry for the delay in responding, I only got back from the US on Monday.

OK - I went to F4-Toys section in the Kentia Hall (6904) - Basically, it was
a private (closed in) meeting room, so I knocked on the door and I entered

They had a big display of some videogame character and a monitor displaying
a game. Two guys were sat down one was Fredric Raynal and the other guy was
Alexis Galley (I knew because I quickly read their badges). I was greeted by
Alexis, who asked what I wanted (quite abruptly if the truth be known)...

I explained that I had come to look at game by Fredric Raynal
and I'd like to take a few photographs of it if possible. Alexis then asked
"Who are you?" I explained that I had visited this stand on behalf of the
LBA forum who were huge fans of Fredric Raynal, and represented 100+ fans of
him and his work.

I was then told by Alexis that I couldn't take any photos or look at the game as they would only talk to publishers. I then said that I am from a publisher and gave him my card - again, he said that I still couldn't take any photographs and I said "Well OK, I'm sorry to bother you..." then as I left he handed me his business card and said if "they" wanted any information, they must contact him directly.

The details on the business
card were:

Alexis Galley
Chief Executive Officer
(his email)

Tel: +33 (0)********** (phone number censored )
Fax: +33 (0) **********

6, rue Lincoln
75008 Paris

I'm sorry that I didn't get anymore info - I DID try really hard and was
100% polite through out. (I know what it is like to be a fan of someone's
work and to be hunting for snippets of info)

Please let me know if you get anywhere with these details :-)

Take care

George Bray
Project Manager "

News posted by axx

Adeline swimming in hot water
By MBN Bot at 2003-03-12 09:59
I wrote didier an e-mail, asking as to whats going on with adeline, and why the adeline e-mails dont work.
I got the following reply

Hello Ahmad,
the situation becomes complicated for Adeline. I cannot say some to you more for the moment.
Didier Chanfray

I can tell there having financial problems, should excpectsomthing very soon on there latest game "moto racer world tour".

News posted by axx

F4-toys financed, by what?
By MBN Bot at 2003-02-16 13:57
As many people know, it took 4-6 months till Frederick's company, F4-toys, began to work. In previous conversations fred mentioned to me that they were waiting for good finance. I believed at first it was probably the unfamiliar Bruno heintz who may have helped finance the company, also since they put his name up before freds when announcing the people behind the new company...

News posted by axx

LBAWin 0.8.0 beta release
By MBN Bot at 2003-02-06 11:14
Development of LBAwin is back on track again.
Again a ot of bug fixes and a few additions.
For the complete change list check the forum post.

If you haven't signed up for beta testing visit the page and help Sebastien Viannay with testing this beta.

News posted by El_Muerte

Change log:

- [FIXED] When pressing ACTION ([SPACE] in Normal behavior, or [W] key), twinsen continously played its "action" anim.
- [FIXED] Run/Walk was cancelled during comportement change menu, so you had to release [UP] key and then press it again. It's now fixed (bug #0000163).
- [FIXED] Resolved some Keyboard conflicts. For example, we weren't able to attack ([SPACE] key) while walking ([UP] key). (bug #0000067)
- [FIXED] About Dialog Box wasn't closed when clicking on 'X' close Window box.
- [FIXED] Memory Leak removed in DirectDraw code: Palette was released before attached surface, causing palette memory not freed.
- [FIXED] Invisible mine in Hamalai Mountains was two near of the change scene area. This caused Twinsen not be able to enter this scene at this point (automatically rejected and came back to previous scene). Now mine has been moved to right (bug #0000169)
- [FIXED] Ladder detection zone was two small in the secret passage on tippet island (bug #0000184)
- [FIXED] Blit bug occured in FullScreen mode during movie playback.
- [FIXED] Game crashed when there were 50+ savegames in the save directory when trying to access savegame list (bug #0000177). Its now only memory limited.
- [FIXED] Sound paning was not correct. This will maybe fixed some encountered problems (several reported), to be confirmed.
- [FIXED] Timer is now saved()/restored() during fades. This corrects flicker animation effects when leaving fades.
- [CHANGED] Blit Regions optimized a bit.
- [ADDED] real time 3D sound panning for moving objects. In original game, panning was only done during playback launch (at the object position) and when screen was scrolled. This will maybe fix some encountered sound problems. Difference can be easily heard from the first encountered transporter in the first scene (citadel).
- [ADDED] [ESC] key now allow to leave in-game choice menus (report #0000203). It always selects the last choice except in four special cases for which [ESC] key wouldn't mean nothing, so it has no effects in these cases :
* Principal Island prison escape: Last choice is "Santa Claus";
* Principal Island Library : when Twinsen changed water using sirop, the librarian ask who made this change. The last proposal is "Probably another FunFrock stunt";
* Principal Island Library : proposal to read a book part. The last choice is "Why LeBorgne?";
* Funky Town : "Bab" Lapi ask Twinsen about information he wants. The last choice is "The Cloning center";
- [ADDED] [ESC] key now allow to leave menus (report #0000186)
- [ADDED] Advanced options are now saved/restored when launching/quitting game (bug #0000191)

Hungarian LBA1
By MBN Bot at 2003-02-05 09:41
Gregorius translated the texts in LBA1 to Hungarian. Follow the instructions in the readme file to change the language in LBA1.

He will soon be working on the translation of LBA2.

News posted by El_Muerte

Game quote

Be careful, the devastating power of this ring consumes a great deal of Magic.
— LBA2 (#1901)

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