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LBAWin 0.8.0 beta release
By MBN Bot at 2003-02-06 11:14
Development of LBAwin is back on track again.
Again a ot of bug fixes and a few additions.
For the complete change list check the forum post.

If you haven't signed up for beta testing visit the page and help Sebastien Viannay with testing this beta.

News posted by El_Muerte

Change log:

- [FIXED] When pressing ACTION ([SPACE] in Normal behavior, or [W] key), twinsen continously played its "action" anim.
- [FIXED] Run/Walk was cancelled during comportement change menu, so you had to release [UP] key and then press it again. It's now fixed (bug #0000163).
- [FIXED] Resolved some Keyboard conflicts. For example, we weren't able to attack ([SPACE] key) while walking ([UP] key). (bug #0000067)
- [FIXED] About Dialog Box wasn't closed when clicking on 'X' close Window box.
- [FIXED] Memory Leak removed in DirectDraw code: Palette was released before attached surface, causing palette memory not freed.
- [FIXED] Invisible mine in Hamalai Mountains was two near of the change scene area. This caused Twinsen not be able to enter this scene at this point (automatically rejected and came back to previous scene). Now mine has been moved to right (bug #0000169)
- [FIXED] Ladder detection zone was two small in the secret passage on tippet island (bug #0000184)
- [FIXED] Blit bug occured in FullScreen mode during movie playback.
- [FIXED] Game crashed when there were 50+ savegames in the save directory when trying to access savegame list (bug #0000177). Its now only memory limited.
- [FIXED] Sound paning was not correct. This will maybe fixed some encountered problems (several reported), to be confirmed.
- [FIXED] Timer is now saved()/restored() during fades. This corrects flicker animation effects when leaving fades.
- [CHANGED] Blit Regions optimized a bit.
- [ADDED] real time 3D sound panning for moving objects. In original game, panning was only done during playback launch (at the object position) and when screen was scrolled. This will maybe fix some encountered sound problems. Difference can be easily heard from the first encountered transporter in the first scene (citadel).
- [ADDED] [ESC] key now allow to leave in-game choice menus (report #0000203). It always selects the last choice except in four special cases for which [ESC] key wouldn't mean nothing, so it has no effects in these cases :
* Principal Island prison escape: Last choice is "Santa Claus";
* Principal Island Library : when Twinsen changed water using sirop, the librarian ask who made this change. The last proposal is "Probably another FunFrock stunt";
* Principal Island Library : proposal to read a book part. The last choice is "Why LeBorgne?";
* Funky Town : "Bab" Lapi ask Twinsen about information he wants. The last choice is "The Cloning center";
- [ADDED] [ESC] key now allow to leave menus (report #0000186)
- [ADDED] Advanced options are now saved/restored when launching/quitting game (bug #0000191)

Hungarian LBA1
By MBN Bot at 2003-02-05 09:41
Gregorius translated the texts in LBA1 to Hungarian. Follow the instructions in the readme file to change the language in LBA1.

He will soon be working on the translation of LBA2.

News posted by El_Muerte

Emerald moon explored!
By MBN Bot at 2003-02-04 15:01
Well jesse brings us the following,
"Hello people,
This is my first newspost, and many of you will probaly know it
already. I
actually succeed with reaching the impossible: The reactor on Emerald
Check the new zip file www.ukdb.net/own/Revolution.zip , to see all the
pictures (Including the spacemountain shots).

Other news:
I'm currently just checking out how hex editing works with lba2, and
some weird results. Expect a few savegames (including the 'visit
In brief, jeese managed to reach the reactors on emerald moon!

News posted by axx

The 3 fragments...
By MBN Bot at 2003-01-19 12:18
/*. The information/news on this site may not be copied without permission from the site owners and managment.*\

Salut Ahmad,

You know, today, the Adeline financial report is very critical. We
aren't thinking of starting a big project (PS2/GC/PC/Xbox).

Since October 2002 we develop a new GBA project
"Moto Racer Traffic Advance" VUG publisher (master in June 2003)

Clearly, LBA "the sequel" is not forecasted.
3 lows levels rule to product this game:
1: Found major publisher
2: financial plans ok
3: Studios collaboration adjustments (Adeline/F4Toy/P.VAchey...)

I saw a good press US about Moto Racer Advance (unfortunately not the
sales true). We hope to respect the Adeline's quality spirit.

Didier Chanfray

-----Message d'origine-----
De : BadMsgQ@adelinesoft.com [mailto:BadMsgQ@adelinesoft.com] De la
de Ahmad Ghourab
Envoyé : mercredi 15 janvier 2003 00:12
À : contact List Member
Objet : [contact] Projects {01}

Adeline has now released motoracer, what big projects
does it plan to work on, seeing that motoracer was
reviewed and excellent game, up to what i remember IGN
gave it 90%!
Will Lba be one of the projects on mind?
What are you planning fot the future of adeline? E.g.
more team members?

Ahmad Ghourab

News posted by axx

Pvachey "I'm working for my own , as independant..."
By MBN Bot at 2002-12-20 14:36
I mentioned creating a petition, he wanted further deatails, ill post that in the thread linked to this news once i get it, it may be the reason we lsn to agartha!

> Hey,
> Happy X-mas, this is ahmad, i called you sometime
> last april, hope you remeber! *************************, you earlier on said you work on your own, though
> it looks like now you work with adeline, and a
> conflicting report from Frederick Raynal earlier on
> when i called him sayin you might work with him...
> All this is getting me confused.So here are the
> questions

> 1. Who are you working with? And will you work with
> fred?.

Actually, I'm working for my own , as independant... So I can work for
I don't know what are the f4-toys perspectives of development, but why
What's the problem ???

> 2. Is there any breakthrough on agartha's music being
> released (im aching to lsn to it!)

No, sorry.

> 4. Are you working on any unnanounced project that you
> can speak about?
No, sorry.

> Thanx alot!
> Ahmad Ghourab

News posted by axx

E-mail from fred
By MBN Bot at 2002-12-18 05:43
i got the following reply when i asked if there are any trium planeta pics soon
"Hi Ahmad !

Thank you, Happy Xmas to you too !
Give an happy Xmas to all MBN members for me.

Still too soon for infos about Trium Planeta...

Fred. "
So it looks like several more months, i cant do anything but watch now

News posted by axx

Philippe Vachey works with adeline
By MBN Bot at 2002-12-14 06:14
I can confirm that vachey works with adeline on the "Moto Racer Advance" project. It still isnt clear wether he will work with them permanently (not like the companies last for long). I will have that confirmed soon (apologies for 2 pieces of news on the same day:P)

News posted by axx

F4-toys wishes you a merry christmas
By MBN Bot at 2002-12-14 05:59
As well as the MBN!
F4-toys may be open soon, the current web page only shows the logo, and some christmas wishes...

News posted by axx

MBN downtime
By MBN Bot at 2002-11-20 19:26
The MBN has been unavailable to the rest of the world since 8:00 AM on 20th November, 2002.
The MBN wasn't down itself. The building that where the central computer, that provided the internet uplink for University of Twenthe (also provided internet for Saxion Hogeschool and the Enschede Government), has burned down. About everything in that building has been destroyed.
At this time I'm not sure when the network will be restored to it's original status, but when you are able to read this is will most likely fixed.

News posted by El_Muerte

Lba-gba and lba3 go ahead when a publisher is found
By MBN Bot at 2002-10-22 09:49

From: "Didier Chanfray" <...> | This is Spam | Add to Address Book
To: "'embeen'" <...>
Subject: RE : [contact] query... {01}
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 09:49:24 +0200


I’m sorry but its false information. (No collaboration between Adeline and F4-Toys)

Adeline hasn’t a publisher for LBA GBA. It’s the raison why we stopped LBA GBA.

Today LBA3 is not forecast. Many things must be joining together to do the sequel…. First; find a publisher!


Didier Chanfray

-----Message d'origine-----
De : ....com [mailto:...com] De la part de embeen
Envoyé : jeudi 17 octobre 2002 08:30
À : contact List Member
Objet : [contact] query... {01}

Ive recently read some interisting updates on the future of adeline and its former partners... To the reader it seems like adeline and the company by the name f4-toys are working to settle their differences on a number of projects... which include lba for the gameboyadvance and lba3.

My first question is what can you tell us about what stops you from going ahead with the lba gba project?

My second question is what do you, from your own original point of view, believe will happen to lba3, i.e. if it will be published and by who?

Thank You,


News posted by axx

Game quote

Why the disguise? You scared of getting caught by the Tralü's buddies?
— LBA2 (#1329)

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