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Adeline website "online"
By MBN Bot at 2002-08-23 19:46
wacko writes:
Today Barx from Adeline Software came to #lba and notified us that the first try of their website is now online. It's only French so far, but it has some of the old site's content.
News posted by El_Muerte

Freds reply to what Didier had to say
By MBN Bot at 2002-08-04 19:32

From: "Frederick Raynal" <xxxxx> | This is Spam | Add to Address Book
To: "Ahmad Ghourab" <axx_ahmad@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: RE : Questions
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 11:56:26 +0200

Hi Ahmad,

Hope you're going well. It's my last day before a few holydays.
I think you misunderstood what Didier said. If Adeline wants to start
I'll be happy to work with them. We just haven't talk about it yet.
Trium Planeta is on its way, people from MBN will be the firsts to know
about it when we will be ready to. I'm sure you'll be happy.

Kind regards,

----- Original Message -----
From: "Ahmad Ghourab" <axx_ahmad@yahoo.com>
To: <xxxxx>
Sent: Friday, July 26, 2002 4:11 PM
Subject: Fwd: RE : Questions

> Hi Fred,
> I wanted to show you what didier had to say
> about the creation of lba3. In the question 6, he
> replied saying "Sincerely, for close LBA's dream it's
> possible. Just have a good accord
> with Fred and have his collaboration on the project.
> Also a major
> publisher."
> By this i presumed he meant you are not copperating
> with them If this is possible, what stops you from
> working with them on the project? Also LBA WIN is very
> good, lots of thatnck to sebestian and you.
> Yours truely
> Ahmad (aka axx)
> P.s. below are the questions, dider put the answer
> under them (deleted)

News posted by axx

Questions and answers by axx
By Atresica at 2002-07-25 19:21
Axx did the following and wasnt able to post it.
Axx speaking:
Ok i sent the questions by mail, as a phone interview wasnt possible, sorry bout the delay. he answered under my questions, and made comments as youll notice. He also mentioned how lba3 is possible. I will cook up somthing to see what freds response is, hopefully positive.

hi Didier,
I wanted to ask you a few questions about
adeline, and its projects as a phone conversation
dosnt seem possible. These questions were chossen and
made by the Magical Ball Network Forum members (one of
the few lba forums, though this one is very large,
www.magicball.net) This will only take a few minutes
of your time, so i wish you could answer them

1. How many members does Adeline consist of?

We're 6 people who constitute a new heart of Adeline team. Also we work
with a few independents or companies.

Hugues Tardif
Pascal Dubois
Arnaud Lhomme
Gael Marlier
Romain Chavanne
Didier Chanfray

2. Who is Adelines publisher?

Adeline hasn't a regular publisher. UBI soft For Motoracer Advance
(October Europe) (November US)

3. Will Adeline create games only for the Game Boy

Our next product is on GBA, it's a convivial support development and
need a compact team.
In the future we provide make a multi platform development. Adeline
doesn't many enlarge to product PC/GC/PS2. We'll work with the
independents studio.

4. At E3, Adeline won 2 awards for the conversion of
motocross racer. What can you tell us about your
upcoming conversion?

You know, there are very best guys in the team. They make game with
passion and professionalism. We like Motoracer series specially the
We tried to catch the famous spirit of this game.

5. Adeline is famous for its series, Little Big
Adventure 1 & 2. What if any are the chances of a
continuation to the series, Little Big Adventure 3?

I don't know....maybe 10%....what a pity!... Perhaps one day.

6. I would like to know anything, anything at all
about what is happening to the lba3 project, what will
it take to be made?

Sincerely, for close LBA's dream it's possible. Just have a good accord
with Fred and have his collaboration on the project. Also a major

7. You began working on an lba conversion to the gba,
as we all know there are no such games on the gba.
What stops you from making a conversion to the game
boy advance?

Today the LBAGBA version is not scheduled.
There are several like to product this conversion.
The most important it's that the spirit be the same.

8. Lastly i wanted to inform you on the creation of an
Lba1 and 2 patch, which allows them to be played on
modern systems, like windows xp. Do you have any
comment? (attached with this e-mail)

It's very well and I hope that many people will can play or (re)play on
them new machine with enjoy.
Sebastien Viannay (F4-TOY) has finished one windows version (LBA1)
too...it will be available soon.

I thank you, also if you would like to reply in
french, then do so, as we can have it translated.

Thank you everybody for your comments about Twinsen's word (I read the
forum often). The fan does that the legend be alive.


Kind Regardes
Ahmad Ghourab

Id like to see real response, as this is really a change in the news

LbaWin - The windows port of LBA
By MBN Bot at 2002-07-18 21:29
There have been some rumors about an old LBA crew member working on a Windows compatiable version of LBA1.
FunnyFrog gave us an unsupported patch that will fix LBA so that it can be run in Windows.
Yazor started to rewrite the whole game to work on more then one OS (Windows and Linux, but maybe more)
But no Sébastien Vianny, part of the original LBA crew and now also working for F4-Toys, comes with the news that he is working on LbaWin. LbaWin is a windows version of LBA, it's currently still in the Beta phase, but it looks very promissing. LbaWin will be freely available when it's done, you only need the original CD to play the game.
Check the website for more information http://www.lbawin.c0m.st/

News posted by El_Muerte

New MBN crew member
By MBN Bot at 2002-07-07 15:40
Please welcome out new MBN Crew member: Axx.
Axx has delivered us with excelent news the past few months. Axx was also unofficialy declared as the MBN spokesman. From now on Axx will get power to add news to the MBN (and forum).

News posted by El_Muerte

Magicball Network upgraded to version3
By MBN Bot at 2002-04-18 12:52
The Magicball Network has upgraded to version 3. In other words the new MBN I was working on the last months has been taken into use. At this state MBN-v3 had the same content as MBN-v2 so I decided to do the change.
The old MBN can still be found on http://www.magicball.net-old
There are still a lot of things I have to finish on the MBN-v3 but you'll notice it when those changes happen.

the World of LBA mirror online
By MBN Bot at 2002-02-13 17:07
My old LBA website (the World of Little Big Adventure) was removed from it's old location. Ofcourse I made a back-up of the whole website.
And now I've put the main content of the World of LBA back online. Almost everything is available again (except for large images and file downloads).
Check out the old site at http://www.magicball.net/mirrors/lbawld

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