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New MBN crew member
By MBN Bot at 2002-07-07 15:40
Please welcome out new MBN Crew member: Axx.
Axx has delivered us with excelent news the past few months. Axx was also unofficialy declared as the MBN spokesman. From now on Axx will get power to add news to the MBN (and forum).

News posted by El_Muerte

Magicball Network upgraded to version3
By MBN Bot at 2002-04-18 12:52
The Magicball Network has upgraded to version 3. In other words the new MBN I was working on the last months has been taken into use. At this state MBN-v3 had the same content as MBN-v2 so I decided to do the change.
The old MBN can still be found on http://www.magicball.net-old
There are still a lot of things I have to finish on the MBN-v3 but you'll notice it when those changes happen.

the World of LBA mirror online
By MBN Bot at 2002-02-13 17:07
My old LBA website (the World of Little Big Adventure) was removed from it's old location. Ofcourse I made a back-up of the whole website.
And now I've put the main content of the World of LBA back online. Almost everything is available again (except for large images and file downloads).
Check out the old site at http://www.magicball.net/mirrors/lbawld

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For the Test of the Balsam, you'll have to fetch me a balsam! It's a rare plant which grows in the desert.
— LBA2 (#1530)

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