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Little Big Adventure mobile version review
By elmuerte at 2014-03-26 23:01
The people from DotEmu were kind enough to provide me with a review copy of the now available mobile version of Little Big Adventure. LBA is available for both Android (Google Play, Amazon Appstore) and iOS. This review is based on the iOS version which I played on an iPhone 5. Given the fact that this site is dedicated to LBA I will not go into reviewing the game design, we already know it is an excellent game. This review will only discuss the differences between the original game, and the mobile version.

Read the full review here.

Little Big Adventure will come to iOS and Android on March 27
By elmuerte at 2014-03-12 19:18
In about 2 weeks time the Little Big Adventure will return on your mobile phone, if you've got an Android or iOS mobile phone. It has been made possible by DotEmu.

There is also a preview of actual ingame footage available. It will show you how the gameplay has been adjusted for a touch interface.

Official LBA Facebook page
By Darkflame at 2014-03-11 18:32
There is now an official facebook page:


So, if you like LBA its a legal requirement* to go on facebook and hit that like button.

*on Zeelich

Random people on the page have been quoted as saying;

Hello ! This is the first post on the official Little Big Adventure page. Wait a few days for more content...
-Frederick Raynal

So go check it out!

Prequengine v0.1.3 win32 beta released
By xesf at 2013-04-13 09:05
New windows version of the engine released. It fixes some important bugs left on the previous version and also adds missing script features. The TODO feature list is getting shorter.

If you find any bugs, please report them here: http://code.google.com/p/twin-e/issues/list

The engine can be downloaded here: https://code.google.com/p/twin-e/downloads/list

Changes in this version:
# 0.1.3 - 11.04.2013
- [FIXED] (issue #37) Multiple voice samples were been playing at the same time.
- [FIXED] (issue #41) Playing samples according with actors position in scenes.
- [FIXED] (issue #34) Incorrect text display of special characters.
- [FIXED] (issue #35) Voices don't stop playing when you skip a text dialog.
- [FIXED] (issue #39) Key sprite overlay with incorrect Y position when open doors above the ground
- [FIXED] Previous added palette related script commands added.

- [ADDED] Missing palette related script commands (responsible with palette fadings).
- [ADDED] Config flag to toggle Twinsen's Wall Collision

Game Music is Alive! (now sadly Dead)
By elmuerte at 2013-01-13 08:43

On Saturday June 29, 2013 the first Game Music is Alive! concert will be held in Paris.

In Game Music is Alive! an orchestra will perform music from various video games from the past 20 years. They will play music created by Christophe Héral (Beyond Good and Evil), Phillipe Vachey (Alone in the Dark, LBA), Raphaël Gesqua (Fade to Black, Flash Back), Olivier Derivière and Samy Cheboub.

So if you're in the neighborhood you should check it out.

Additionally, there is a poster contest where you can win some goodies and an invitation to the concert, and you'll meet the people involved.

Sadly the concert and thus contest has been canceled

The Twinsuniverse
By J McKalling at 2012-12-22 17:57
Hello everybody!

We probably all know the Encyclopedia Twinsunica, and we're all aware that it's quite old and is missing a lot of information. There's also a Wikia website that holds a great source of information as well, and it doesn't stop there. Some time ago I started even another base of information, called the Knowledge Base, which is a forum right here on the MBN. So what's it with all this stuff?

As the MBN community, we need to have all information about the universe of Twinsun, the games and all other related sources. Most of us don't even know where to find certain information anymore. A conversation about some bug here or there, and it turns into a months stretching discussion about what causes it and when. Lots of very interesting challenges to play after game finish, but also lots of discussions spread everywhere. So where does everything go? We need to gather everything we know and have been documenting at various places, and then put everything into one tightly organized location once and for all.

Fortunately, this is not so difficult! Just a lot of work. But remember we're with lots of people as well, so if we all collaborate, from all across the world, we can do this together. So I have great news indeed, as I've been working on the "Twinsuniverse" for a few months now, which is intended to combine everything we know into one knowledge base. The Twinsunica was the most prominent base, so I chose to base everything off that one, hence the name similarity.

I've just recently succesfully finished importing each and every in-game character and enemy article (both LBA1 and LBA2) from the Twinsunica, and I intend to do so for all other existing articles as well. So to maintain previous histories and to have a basic entry for the pages. So there is still some work to do, but I hope to finish the first public milestone by the end of this month, and then I'll post the instructions on how to get started at the Twinsuniverse. Currently it's hosted by one of our members, but it is intended to be moved over to the MBN later, if Elmuerte agrees (he's the only one who can do that). I hope you'll all like this project, and I hope there is interest to help out building it up to completion!

What do you think?


An update from Phillipe Vachey
By elmuerte at 2012-12-22 08:37
Just in case you don't know who Phillipe Vachey is, he's the guy that made the excellent music for the two Little Big Adventure games, Time Commando, and a bunch of other games.

Originally Posted by Phil V.
A message for the Lba's community....
Hi everyone !
Ending is a beginning...
I guess today is the right day to start something...New.
Visit the new websites :


Hope you'll enjoy

Phil V.
So go over to his new website and check it now. Make sure you also check out the "Press" section, it contains some interesting interviews with Phil. The music section also contains music from No Cliche's cancelled horror adventure: Agartha.
Lastly, the LBA1 OST is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

The Prequel Demo is now released
By Zink at 2012-12-06 09:07
Hello all LBA and Prequel fans.

The time has come to reveal everything and end everything.
As you know, for the last few years we have been working on the LBA Prequel demo, to show you a glimpse of what the full game could become.

The demo is now finished! You can download it from the Download page. This is the good news.

The bad news is that the project is now officially cancelled. Yes, the Prequel will not be made.

You can read more on this on our blog (http://lbaprequel.xesf.net/blog/) or in the thread I have created in the Prequel section of the forums: https://forum.magicball.net/showthread.php?t=16549.

Little Big Adventure 1 coming to iOS and Android
By elmuerte at 2012-10-31 17:23
The people from DotEMU released this image today via their twitter account:

That is a photo of LBA1 running on an iPad. The port is currently still under development for both iOS and Android.

Additionally, DotEMU is also selling LBA1 and LBA2, you can get the LBA1 + LBA2 bundle for only 7,99 euro. The games cost 4,99 euro separately.

Just like GOG.com, DotEMU is an digital distributor that sells classic games (DRM free) which have been fixed to run on modern PCs.

LBA Oripuzzle
By Darkflame at 2012-07-13 15:16
Fred's experimental games continue with a LBA themed paper folding puzzle:


Warning: requires physically printing and using your actual real-life hands!

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I'm going back to Lupin-Bourg.
— LBA2 (#1046)

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