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LBA 1 and 2 on sale at GOG.com
By elmuerte at 2011-12-23 19:07
If $6 was too much for your wallet to buy any of the re-release of Little Big Adventure from GOG.com.

Then good news, you can by them now with a 50% discount.
So for a mere $3 you can get the re-release of Little Big Adventure and Little Big Adventure 2 (each).

This offer lasts until the 2nd of January 2012, and also applies to all other games.

Little Big Adventure 2 (Twinsen's Odyssey) now available on GOG.com
By elmuerte at 2011-10-20 19:59
Only a week after the re-release of Little Big Adventure, GOG.com has now re-released Little Big Adventure 2, also known as Twinsen's Odyssey.

As is usual with releases of classic games on GOG.com, you will also get some extras when you buy LBA2 (which will cost you only $5.99). The extras include a wallpaper, various design sketches, another development team photo, and probably the most interesting part: the design script for the game. Sadly (for some), this script is in French.

Note: again the links do not work on the front page. So visit the thread first before you click the link. Or use the "buy from gog" banners at the top.

BoXon released for PC, iOS coming soon.
By Darkflame at 2011-10-13 17:11

In addition to LBA1 being release on GoG, we now also have Frederick Raynals new neat puzzle game out on PC.

BoXon is avaliable here, giving you 553 levels of puzzleing for just 5 euros;

Theres also a demo for those unsure.

GOG.com re-releases Little Big Adventure
By elmuerte at 2011-10-10 21:41

At the end of 1994 Frederick Raynal and his team at Adeline Software released Little Big Adventure, a unique action/adventure game. Over the years it became increasingly more difficult to get a hold on a copy of LBA. And eventually only an occasional second hand copy could be found.

Now 17 years after the initial release, GOG.com re-releases the game for the world to re-experience the wonderful world of Little Big Adventure.
For a mere $5,99 you can buy a digital copy of Little Big Adventure at GOG.com. This release has been fixed to work properly on modern systems. It contains full text and speech for English, French and German; and text-only for Italian and spanish. It's also free from any pesky DRM. So spread the word an let others experience what they have been missing out on.

Note: this is not a joke (unlike last time)

Important! For some reason the links do not work when you're on the front page. Please go to the forum thread first, and then click the link.

New Frederick Raynal interview
By Darkflame at 2011-10-07 10:10
There is a new interview with Frederick Raynal up here:


The interview is in french, and covers ports of the original games too new platforms such as iOS, as well as discussion of BoXoN, Battle Tag and other work.
For a rough summery of what was said, see this thread;

Twinsen cameo in Goldfish's "We come together"
By elmuerte at 2011-08-03 22:43
Twinsen makes a cameo in Goldfish's music video "We come together".

You can see the complete music video on YouTube. It contains a lot of videogame references.

New LBA3 concept art from Didier Chanfray!
By Darkflame at 2011-07-31 21:07
Didier Chanfray has been posting LBA3 artwork on his facebook.

While there is no chance any time soon of a LBA3, its nice to know the creators are still thinking of their creation.

More here;

Good news and bad....
By Darkflame at 2011-04-16 14:28
Bad news first;

Ubisofts Treasure Hunter Institute beta has stopped with no plans at the moment to continue development or release it as a full game.
The unique puzzle/explore-em-up was co-created by the creators of LBA and had a strong focus on user generated content in vast explorable landscapes. Its truly a shame to see it ended.

And now some good news;

Alone In The Dark is now available to buy on GoG.com. Made by the core team behind LBA, this game almost single handedly invented the survival horror genre.

GOG has put together a nice bundle of the game,soundtrack and sequels, made it all work on XP/Vista/W7 and is selling it for $6;

To go with its release they have also interviewed the creator - the man also behind LBA;

By elmuerte at 2011-03-31 21:50
Nothing this year, sorry.
Enjoy the other gags

New games from LWS!
By Darkflame at 2011-02-03 18:56
The ever-rising Little Worlds Studio's has just released two more games.

Their first, Survivium, is a strategy coding game where you program virus's to try to dominate a grid. A bit like a more elaborate and competitive "Conway's Game Of Life", or a much more accessible form of "Code War", the game lets you play though a series of standalone missions, as well as compete head to head with others around the world. You can also just experiment by pitting your own coded virus's against eachother - which is pretty interesting in itself!

Like, Colour Cross, its free to play, but paid for by additional content you can buy.

You can play on facebook here;
- and its also avaliable on iPhones.

Also, did I mention Survivum comes from the mind of Fredric Raynal? Some people here might have heard of him....

Next up is Lords Of Dynasty, a strategic MMO;


A adapation of the japanease best saleing game "http://www.3gokushi.jp/", currently its only avaliable in french, but there is a free beta for the next month.

Game quote

I come from the under-gas. I took the elevator which goes up to the Francos' platform to come here and witness Dark Monk's ceremony.
— LBA2 (#2216)

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