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By elmuerte at 2011-03-31 21:50
Nothing this year, sorry.
Enjoy the other gags

New games from LWS!
By Darkflame at 2011-02-03 18:56
The ever-rising Little Worlds Studio's has just released two more games.

Their first, Survivium, is a strategy coding game where you program virus's to try to dominate a grid. A bit like a more elaborate and competitive "Conway's Game Of Life", or a much more accessible form of "Code War", the game lets you play though a series of standalone missions, as well as compete head to head with others around the world. You can also just experiment by pitting your own coded virus's against eachother - which is pretty interesting in itself!

Like, Colour Cross, its free to play, but paid for by additional content you can buy.

You can play on facebook here;
- and its also avaliable on iPhones.

Also, did I mention Survivum comes from the mind of Fredric Raynal? Some people here might have heard of him....

Next up is Lords Of Dynasty, a strategic MMO;


A adapation of the japanease best saleing game "http://www.3gokushi.jp/", currently its only avaliable in french, but there is a free beta for the next month.

Treasure Hunter Institute special Holliday themed quests now online
By Darkflame at 2010-12-26 14:27

Treasure Hunter Institute (a online puzzle exploration game with the brains behind LBA involved in its creation) has a special Holiday-themed set of quests up at the moment;

  • Helping Santa
  • Santa’s Little Errand
  • Christmas Cache
  • Santa Quiz
  • Christmas Figures

The Beta is still free to sign up for, and the games getting better all the time

By Preset (not verified) at 2010-10-25 01:29

THI is an on-line adventure game currently being developed by Ubisoft. It is aimed to challenge your mind with puzzles and riddles combining brain power with orientation skills in a 3D world. While not focusing on a linear story progression, it provides many quests tailored to appeal to a wide range of players and promotes user content creation.

Join THI in the Beta phase and experience the game first-hand by playing the quests and maybe even creating some of your own. Providing feedback and suggestions to the development team is appreciated. Thanks!

Never before seen LBA "fan art" artwork.
By Jasiek at 2010-09-01 19:27
Found this while browsing Peter Elson's (1947–1998) site.

He was the author of some of my favourite sci-fi book covers! Just goes to show that there are, or where LBA fans in the most unusual of places...!



Color Cross's and CosmicCrews!
By Darkflame at 2010-06-26 12:15
Little Worlds Studio has released a sequel to its addictive puzzle game Colour Cross for PC:

You can try a demo, or purchase the game here;

and also on DSi-Ware;
Its already got a number of good reviews even in the official Nintendo magazine!

They have also recently launched Colour Cross online, available ver facebook;
It has some pretty innovative features, especially the treasure-hunting mode, and is well worth checking out.

An iPhone/iPad version is in the works too, so you can be sure to get your colour cross fix whatever platforms you have
Speaking of iPad, they have also released a game on the platform called 'Splash Duel HD' . Its a like a mix of arkanoid/Pong(/or Popcorn!)

Theres a trailer here.
Finally, as if Little Worlds Studio hasn't been busy enough with all this, the beta of their "Cosmicrew" game is still going strong, and needs more pilots;
Cosmicrew can be played solo, but really is made for collaborative multiplayer, so please hang around online and team up with others

You can give feedback for any of these games in this thread;

Little Big Adventure Swede: Directors Cut
By Darkflame at 2010-04-03 12:52

A Little Big Adventure Fan-Film/Swede has been released and is available for download here;

Its an expansion upon the earlier LBA swede made last year, re-cut with about 1/3rd more scenes, redone sound, and a special making-of documentary.
*updated* Can now be seen online at http://www.darkflame.co.uk/Swede/Blipstream.html

Raynal working on a spiritual successor of Time Commando
By elmuerte at 2010-03-31 20:04
As you may know, Frederick Raynal has been working on a still unknown game at Ubisoft for the past few years. A few days ago I was near Ubisoft Montpellier so I decided to give Fred a visit. While being there Fred unveiled some details about the upcoming game.

Originally Posted by Frederick Raynal (paraphrased)
The game is a spiritual sequel to Time Commando.

It is set in an alternate galaxy, where the player has to travel through various dimensions. Each dimension offers a unique world with a lot of different enemies and fighting styles. We really tried to give each of the seven dimensions its own unique atmosphere. Things you learned and did in one dimension do not really apply to the next dimension. So it is like 7 different games with an overarching story.

Part of the game is to learn the the fighting styles and techniques of each dimension. This is done by solving puzzles and interacting with characters you encounter. But the focus is mostly on action and not puzzle solving. You don't have to expect puzzles like you'd find in traditional adventure games.

The game world is much more open and non-linear than it was in Time Commando. The player doesn't walk a single path, but can roam free through towns and buildings for part of the time.
Fred couldn't show me the game. But he did show me some concept art for a few dimensions, it looked awesome. Ubisoft is going to put out a press release within a few days, until then I cannot reveal any other information. But I can tell you that the game is still set for a 2010 release, and will ship for PS3, XBox360 and PC.

Prequengine Beta v0.1.1 win32 (updated 13.02.2010)
By xesf at 2010-01-26 00:25
Update 13.02.2010:
- See post #29 for last update.

Hey guys,

Here's the first beta version of Prequengine (the TwinEngine based engine for LBA Prequel and all modification games).

Since this is still a beta version, there's still a lot of things to be done and to implement and also you should get some bugs while playing.
I would need your help to test this engine, like we all did with LbaWin .
So, please, if you find any bug/crash etc., please report at http://code.google.com/p/prequengine/issues/list

This version only work for 1 single SavedGame named S9999.LBA (inside Save folder). So choosing "New game" will create a new saved game and "Continue game" will continue this S9999.LBA saved game.

Only a windows version is available now. I will try to make some linux package later. Anyway, the source is available to public and anyone can compile it under linux.

I've attached the download and it contains:


Don't forget to put this in main LBA folder like you do with LbaWin.
I'm waiting all your feedbacks.

Edited: I attached a new file. Now the zip file don't include any saved game that can cause a override in the previous saved games.

MBN year's review 2009
By Kobold at 2009-12-30 20:43
LBA Team Status
Little Words Studio makes progress

As our member Axx reported in April, Little Worlds Studio, the development team consisting of most of the original LBA team members, are shaping up to get back into the mainstream of the gaming industry. The game we got notified of this year (despite being released back in December '08) is Colour Cross for the PC, Nintendo DS and iPhone. A free demo of the PC version is available here, and the DS version is also available very cheaply on online shops like Amazon. It's a nice little picross-variant puzzle game.

On this occassion, I'd also like to remind everybody that Soul Bubbles on the DS, which LBA's creator Fréd Raynal contributed to, is still an amazing game that everybody who owns a NIntendo DS should definitely check out.

Fred's teaser site

Aside from giving us a handful overview of his past games on his website, Frédérick Raynal also posted a little teaser image of a slate on his website. While he confirmed that it is not LBA 3, we're still curious to see what he has in store for us. He his working on his new game at Ubisoft, and it is coming out in 2010. On a related note, he also assured us that LBA 3 is still a project he takes to his heart and our continued enthusiasm about it is precious to him.

Fan Project Releases
The Relentless Movie Project
After having been planned for ages, an early preview version of the Relentless Movie project had its release this year. The movie stars our popular forum members darkflame and atresica and is available online on Dailymotion. If you haven't seen it already, make sure you don't miss it.

Lupin Island Destiny demo
The first mod project demo to see the light of day, the Lupin Island Destiny demo, is a fully playable demo version of the planned full LBA modification. The demo features entirely new areas to explore and has new items to collect. You need the original LBA 1 or Relentless game to play it. See it in action here.

LBANet is a fully working LBA Online game in which you can chat with other people while exploring the entire world of LBA 1 together. You also explore the game while riding the horse of flying on the Dino-Fly! The game has seen massive progress since June this year and is currently up to version 0.755. Get the current version here.

Little Script Adventure
Little Script Adventure combines Jasiek's LBA1 Remake world designs and Horadrim's Twinsen model with david38's coding efforts to create a working, customizable LBA fan project engine that everybody can contribute to. You can already play demos, in which you can explore the pharmacy area of the original game. Download it or play the web version with the unity web player.

david38's perspective map viewer made it possible to display LBA 1 maps in semi-3D. Other than being nice to look it, the technology of the perspective view of the scenes has been fully implemented into LBANet, where you can see it in action.

On the modding side of the community, Zink's LBArchitect has still been steady progress throughout the year, making it more and more possible to create our very own full modification of the original LBA 1. LBArchitect no longer just allows you completely create new scenes and areas to visit, but also allows the programming of moving and talking actors. Get it here.

LBA Community

The LBA community has had its ups and downs, but 2009 still shined with a lot of great Fan Creations shown off in our Fan Creations forums. Be sure not to miss some of the great work done there. If you are trying to get LBA 1 or LBA 2 running on your computer, or need help in completing the game, we're also there to help you in the First Aid forum (read our Troubleshooting Guide there first).

Community News:
In case you didn't know it, we've had more news worth talking about this year than ever before. Little Big Adventure is now a full 15 years old but that's not holding us back in the least. While the previous years were full of plans, of project concepts that might be released but in the end got stalled, 2009 was the year of many great, fully-functional demo and game releases that continue to get better by the day. Both LBANet and Little Script Adventure have had updates within the last week. We're as active as we could possibly be, and the LBA team is as well. With that being said, 2010 couldn't come any sooner, so happy new year to all you LBA fans out there!

Game quote

This pisto-Laser shoots horizontal rays. They will allow you to hit enemies who are at a great distance.
— LBA2 (#1900)

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