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Little-Worlds Studio's Foray Back Into the Mainstream
By Axx at 2009-04-25 23:36

Little-Worlds Studio has in the past few years expanded quite significantly since I visited their offices back in June 2006. Back then they had some 6 or so titles published, today they have more than 50. Back then the team consisted of 8 permanent staff, today that number has swelled to 26. Back then they were exclusively developing DVD Interactive games and applications, now they have diversified their development for multiple platforms. LWS has already developed, or is developing, titles for the PC, Nintendo DS, DVD and iPhone.

But so far, of all the games developed, none are of a large, or even medium scale. However, that may all change very soon. LWS has already been developing its own Wii proprietary technology, and is an " official developer for the Wii, Xbox 360 and PSP" as stated on their revised website. Its interesting to note here that Xbox 360 is now on the list, however whether this is an indication of interest in developing larger mainstream games, or smaller downloadable titles, remains to be seen.

A few months ago, a well placed source hinted that LWS was attempting to return to its roots by developing large scale mainstream titles. Something may be in the works, but he was not in the position to clarify the matter, just that it was a matter of waiting to see what will happen. That could possibly tie in with the with their 360 development plans.

There may be more information in the coming months. If any progress is made, apparently we'll be the first to know!

Relentless Movie Project Released!
By Darkflame at 2009-04-01 12:27

An early preview version of the long-in-development LBA film project has been unveiled,
just in time for the games re-release on gog! (see post below).


GoodOldGames releases Little Big Adventure for $6
By elmuerte at 2009-03-31 15:30
Little Big Adventure is now available on the GoodOldGames website:
For a mere 6 US Dollars it will be yours. The other Adeline games (LBA2 and Time Commando) will also be available on GOG in the near future.

GoodOldGames is a digital distributor that specializes in selling classic computer games. All the games they release have been made to work on Microsoft Windows XP and Vista and do not contain any DRM.

So it looks like our effort to get LBA on GOG has paid off. Now everybody will be able to enjoy Little Big Adventure.

Zero Punctuation: Little Big Planet (very small LBA referance)
By Darkflame at 2009-02-05 09:16

Just on the last frame;

No biggy, just thought any mention of LBA should be recorded really.

MBN year's review 2008
By Kobold at 2008-12-30 20:06
Fréd Back in the Game Business
Soul Bubbles released

Soul Bubbles is the latest game where LBA's creator, Fréd Raynal, helped with the production. He offered "spiritual and game design guidance" to the game's creators. The game was released on June 13th this year for the Nintendo DS. It's a "sidescroller where you blow bubbles". It was critically acclaimed by IGN, who gave it a 8.4 and said:
Originally Posted by IGN UK
More than anything, Soul Bubbles is just great fun to play with – blowing a bubble around has never been more fun. There is surprising depth to its puzzles, and it’s great to see the DS host such a great and intuitive idea again after months of copycat shelf-filler. More of this please, everyone – it’s been a while since we had something this addictive to play on the plane.
It's also on Fréd's site.
Wii owners in Europe can still download a free demo of the game to their Nintendo DS in the Nintendo Channel. The full game is available for half the original price (so 20€) at amazon.

But there's more. Fréd is already working again, this time at Ubisoft, on a "secret project". Stay tuned in 2009.

There have been a couple of interviews with LBA's creators over the past twelve months. LBA 3 is still not in developement, but apparently the rights to the project are "no longer a problem".

Fan Games
"Twinsen" finally released

Two years after the initial demo was released, the production of the Twinsen platformer fan-game by .TakaM has stopped. The full version is available for download. Though the game itself remains unfinished, it is still a great game to play for lovers of platformer games. It is the first LBA fan game where a full version was released.

LBA Remake
While the project was halted this year, the LBA Remake by Jasiek made it to the Dutch press! You can read the article and the translation here.

Other Projects:

LBA Modifications

Inventor's Mods
While the big projects who are creating an entire storyline, such as the LBA Prequel, LBA: The Great Rebellion and LID have not been finished this year, the first LBA modifications which each only contain one scene have been created by Inventor. They are the first mods of the game being finished. There are three projects you can play when you have the original Little Big Adventure installed on your computer (LBA doesn't work for you? Check our troubleshooting guide!). The modification was made possible by the new LBArchitect and LBA Story Coder fusion into a single program to enable creating scenes, and all the other LBA modification tools by our members.

Vindish's Mod

After Inventor's success, member Vindish released his own little modification of LBA 1. It can be downloaded in this thread.

Other LBA Mod news
I could go on with the usual blah blah about "the LBA spirit being kept alive" and so on. But the truth is, there's a lot of new spirit surrounding our 11 and 14 year old games. A new game by Fréd released and LBA fan games and modifications finally getting released, 2008 was a very active year for our forums. LBA 3 will be coming, guys! Happy new year.

The LBA Remake made it into the press
By Jasiek at 2008-12-01 23:51
It's not big, or flashy or interview-like, nevertheless it made everyone involved(especially me) very proud. The remake made a small appearance in a magazine in the Netherlands, and although no names where provided, the information was a tad inaccurate and the screenshot outdated, it's really nice to know we made some impact.

In this post Bot13 showed us this beauty:

And provided a translation:
If a remake is being developed by a team of volunteers, years of effort need to be put into it in without financial support. Also due to the lack of thankful words of the many fans, the motivation to continue can drop greatly.
So it comes that many remakes are started with good intentions, but get stuck along the way. That's how it went with the remake of Little Big Adventure. A new iteration on the fantastic action-adventure of Frédérick Raynal is highly wanted by the average game fanatic, but unfortunately things like this costs lots of time and creativity. The development of the remake was stopped at the end of 2006.

You can download the last playable demo from here. Since then the game is moving to a different engine.

Twinsen (build: 2008-11-19)
By elmuerte at 2008-11-19 17:07
A new download entry has been added:

Twinsen (build: 2008-11-19)

A new version of .Takam's game LBA themed platform game called "Twinsen".
More information can be found here

First LBA1 mod
By elmuerte at 2008-11-18 19:32
Inventor recently released, which can be considered the first mod for LBA1. You can download this mod from this thread. Inventor used various tools released by other MBN members in the past years.
Maybe in the future we'll see more and larger LBA mods being released.

Forum software upgrade
By elmuerte at 2008-11-09 17:02
I've updated the forum software to vBulletin 3.7. Everything should work ok, of course there is always the chance that some things do not work as they should. So if you encounter any problems, or things that used to work but no longer work, then please notify me ASAP.
You can reply to this thread with issues, or contact me directly.

New forum features are left as an exercise for the reader.

Didier Chanfray - Little Worlds Studio Interview
By Axx at 2008-09-08 20:10

How, as a studio, has Little Worlds progressed from 2003?

The first activity of LWS was to make, as a contractor, some interactive programs for the DVD format. Then, in 2006, as a response to the increasing demand from the editors, we organized our production line for NDS development.

Can you tell us a little bit about the projects you've worked on?

Until today we have been developing mainly ordered products. The themes and licenses are various. The studio is capable of great adaptability. The targeted age ranges differ a lot from one title to another, what they have in common is the "accessibility" of the interactive experience. We can say they are "casual" products.

What titles are you working on at the moment?

For privacy reasons I can't say everything. Here is some information:
September/October releases:

"Léa passion Décoration" NDS - UBISOFT ("Léa loves decorating")
"Drôle d'exercices - Astérix & Obélix" NDS - ATARI ("Funny exercises - Asterix & Obelix")
"Equitation Galops 1->7" NDS - ATARI ("Horse-riding Galops 1 to 7", Galop is a french Horse-riding exam)

What franchise or IP (TV,film etc) would you like to make a dvd game based around if you had the rights?

Instead of a franchise or license, I would rather associate one (or more) famous artist(s) to a DVDi project (director, actor, musician...).

How will LWS progress and grow in the future?

LWS progresses cautiously, step by step. We will continue providing services for NDS games while starting our own projects.

If the opportunity presented itself, is LWS flexible enough to collaborate with other studios on projects?

We are completely open to this eventuality. I personaly get involved in some other development studios' projects from time to time.

Are there any plans for LBA3 in the foreseeable future?

So far, there is no precise plan for LBA3. Fred & Yaël are very busy, Seb and me too. But we don't give up on maybe one day starting to create the 3rd part of the game, one way or another.

See the comments for the rest of the post

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