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MBN year's review 2009
By Kobold at 2009-12-30 20:43
LBA Team Status
Little Words Studio makes progress

As our member Axx reported in April, Little Worlds Studio, the development team consisting of most of the original LBA team members, are shaping up to get back into the mainstream of the gaming industry. The game we got notified of this year (despite being released back in December '08) is Colour Cross for the PC, Nintendo DS and iPhone. A free demo of the PC version is available here, and the DS version is also available very cheaply on online shops like Amazon. It's a nice little picross-variant puzzle game.

On this occassion, I'd also like to remind everybody that Soul Bubbles on the DS, which LBA's creator Fréd Raynal contributed to, is still an amazing game that everybody who owns a NIntendo DS should definitely check out.

Fred's teaser site

Aside from giving us a handful overview of his past games on his website, Frédérick Raynal also posted a little teaser image of a slate on his website. While he confirmed that it is not LBA 3, we're still curious to see what he has in store for us. He his working on his new game at Ubisoft, and it is coming out in 2010. On a related note, he also assured us that LBA 3 is still a project he takes to his heart and our continued enthusiasm about it is precious to him.

Fan Project Releases
The Relentless Movie Project
After having been planned for ages, an early preview version of the Relentless Movie project had its release this year. The movie stars our popular forum members darkflame and atresica and is available online on Dailymotion. If you haven't seen it already, make sure you don't miss it.

Lupin Island Destiny demo
The first mod project demo to see the light of day, the Lupin Island Destiny demo, is a fully playable demo version of the planned full LBA modification. The demo features entirely new areas to explore and has new items to collect. You need the original LBA 1 or Relentless game to play it. See it in action here.

LBANet is a fully working LBA Online game in which you can chat with other people while exploring the entire world of LBA 1 together. You also explore the game while riding the horse of flying on the Dino-Fly! The game has seen massive progress since June this year and is currently up to version 0.755. Get the current version here.

Little Script Adventure
Little Script Adventure combines Jasiek's LBA1 Remake world designs and Horadrim's Twinsen model with david38's coding efforts to create a working, customizable LBA fan project engine that everybody can contribute to. You can already play demos, in which you can explore the pharmacy area of the original game. Download it or play the web version with the unity web player.

david38's perspective map viewer made it possible to display LBA 1 maps in semi-3D. Other than being nice to look it, the technology of the perspective view of the scenes has been fully implemented into LBANet, where you can see it in action.

On the modding side of the community, Zink's LBArchitect has still been steady progress throughout the year, making it more and more possible to create our very own full modification of the original LBA 1. LBArchitect no longer just allows you completely create new scenes and areas to visit, but also allows the programming of moving and talking actors. Get it here.

LBA Community

The LBA community has had its ups and downs, but 2009 still shined with a lot of great Fan Creations shown off in our Fan Creations forums. Be sure not to miss some of the great work done there. If you are trying to get LBA 1 or LBA 2 running on your computer, or need help in completing the game, we're also there to help you in the First Aid forum (read our Troubleshooting Guide there first).

Community News:
In case you didn't know it, we've had more news worth talking about this year than ever before. Little Big Adventure is now a full 15 years old but that's not holding us back in the least. While the previous years were full of plans, of project concepts that might be released but in the end got stalled, 2009 was the year of many great, fully-functional demo and game releases that continue to get better by the day. Both LBANet and Little Script Adventure have had updates within the last week. We're as active as we could possibly be, and the LBA team is as well. With that being said, 2010 couldn't come any sooner, so happy new year to all you LBA fans out there!

Lbanet v0.7 released
By Rincevent_123 at 2009-11-14 11:04
A new version of Lbanet has been released. I guess you already heard about the game, but if you did not try it out yet it is the good time to do so.
The game is still on beta phase but is shaping up more and more and I think you can already have good fun playing it.

You can find the game information here.

Also we just released a new website were you can register an account to play the game here.

Ludographie now online
By Kobold at 2009-09-16 18:23
Check out http://ludoid.fr/ludographie.htm

Basically it just shows Fred's games in pictures. If you click on LBA you get to the MBN.

Other than listing all of Fred Raynal's games (including Agartha but not Trium Planeta) it contains the message "A VENIR en 2010" and this image:

Google translate gives me:

The name of the next game is on the back of the slate!
If you click the image you get to a page of Ubisoft which lets you sign up as a game tester for them.

(credit to A-n-d-r-é for notifying me)


Sorry folks, its not LBA3.
Fred says this directly on the back of the slate


LBA: Lupin Island Destiny Demo V1.0 Released
By Necdilzor at 2009-09-02 21:25
After some time of hard working, the LID team releases the first demo of the game. LBA: Lupin Island Destiny is a mod for LBA1.

The demo lets you play on a new island with new characters, even a new inventory item: The Hammer.

More information

Expected downtime
By elmuerte at 2009-08-19 06:53
The MBN will go offline for a little while in the near future. The machine the MBN is running on will be physically moved to a new location. During this move the MBN will be unreachable.

To get your LBA fix you can always visit the IRC channel #lba on the EFNet IRC Network.

Update: The move is happening on Monday 24th of August, between 15:00 and 19:00 UTC

Update: And we're back

Little-Worlds Studios releases "Color Cross"
By Darkflame at 2009-07-04 17:45

Color Cross is a picross-like puzzle game, with the neat twist of having to form colored pictures.
Its available for PC, DS and iPhone.
A 1-hour demo of the PC version is available here;
(And I have written a short review of this color-cross demo here).

You can already buy the DS game for a great price on amazon here;

We urge all members of MBN, and guests viewing this site to please check it out, and spread the word. Its a well produced puzzle game, and deserves to help sale so that Little Worlds continues to flourish and be able to support larger projects.

On a related note, Sébastien Viannay also informs us that Parcal Dubois, who formly worked on LBA2 has also joined their team.

Play.com selling Soul Bubbles for £7.99
By Darkflame at 2009-04-29 07:31
I dont normally put straight adverts up, but seeing as this is a utterly superb DS game, which the creator of LBA helped a little with, I thought this worth informing people about;


More details of Soul Bubbles and a review is featured a few news posts back.
At 8GBP + Free Delivery (for UK) its well worth buying.

Little-Worlds Studio's Foray Back Into the Mainstream
By Axx at 2009-04-25 23:36

Little-Worlds Studio has in the past few years expanded quite significantly since I visited their offices back in June 2006. Back then they had some 6 or so titles published, today they have more than 50. Back then the team consisted of 8 permanent staff, today that number has swelled to 26. Back then they were exclusively developing DVD Interactive games and applications, now they have diversified their development for multiple platforms. LWS has already developed, or is developing, titles for the PC, Nintendo DS, DVD and iPhone.

But so far, of all the games developed, none are of a large, or even medium scale. However, that may all change very soon. LWS has already been developing its own Wii proprietary technology, and is an " official developer for the Wii, Xbox 360 and PSP" as stated on their revised website. Its interesting to note here that Xbox 360 is now on the list, however whether this is an indication of interest in developing larger mainstream games, or smaller downloadable titles, remains to be seen.

A few months ago, a well placed source hinted that LWS was attempting to return to its roots by developing large scale mainstream titles. Something may be in the works, but he was not in the position to clarify the matter, just that it was a matter of waiting to see what will happen. That could possibly tie in with the with their 360 development plans.

There may be more information in the coming months. If any progress is made, apparently we'll be the first to know!

Relentless Movie Project Released!
By Darkflame at 2009-04-01 12:27

An early preview version of the long-in-development LBA film project has been unveiled,
just in time for the games re-release on gog! (see post below).


GoodOldGames releases Little Big Adventure for $6
By elmuerte at 2009-03-31 15:30
Little Big Adventure is now available on the GoodOldGames website:
For a mere 6 US Dollars it will be yours. The other Adeline games (LBA2 and Time Commando) will also be available on GOG in the near future.

GoodOldGames is a digital distributor that specializes in selling classic computer games. All the games they release have been made to work on Microsoft Windows XP and Vista and do not contain any DRM.

So it looks like our effort to get LBA on GOG has paid off. Now everybody will be able to enjoy Little Big Adventure.

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— LBA1 (#816)

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