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Dino-fly papermodel - with unfolds and a guide
By elmuerte at 2008-01-04 18:22
Horadrim made an awesome paper model of Dino-fly
See this thread for more information.
You can download the unfolds and the guide here.

MBN year's review 2007
By Kobold at 2007-12-31 11:27
January 7th
  • As the year starts, a new era of LBA modification begins. LBArchitect and LBA Story Coder can now cooperate to allow an easy editing of scenes. There's only a few left that you'll need to create your own version of LBA 1!
March 21stApril 1stMay 31st
June 26thJuly 3rd
August 6thAugust 18thSeptember 29thOctober 8thOctober 20thDecember 10th
  • After Lightwing stepped down, Kitarii (previously Ricochet) and Jasiek become democratically elected the MBN's new super moderators.
December 20thDecember 25th
  • The Roofles Den is now available for discussion about homosexuality, religion and other injuries. (Found that offensive? Don't opt in!)
December 27thWhat the year did not bring
  • While the year was still quite active, many promised releases of LBA fan projects got delayed and delayed. The latest release of the platformer game Twinsen dates over a year back, the LBA Prequel's demo didn't come yet and the LBA: The Great Rebellion project has similar problems. When #lba titles "2008 will be the year of LBA", it's not because LBA 3 draws nearer (development starts 2009 in the best case). Watch out what the LBA community itself has to offer you next year!

LBA2 tops GameFAQs Top 10 Games By Continental European Developers
By elmuerte at 2007-12-27 13:09
LBA2 has been placed as the best game produced in continental Europe
Originally Posted by GameFAQs
Borrowing things from virtually all genres, this huge 3D Action/Adventure game will send you on an incredibly fun journey spread over two planets. The music and atmosphere are among the best I've ever seen, and the story and characters are so much fun you just can't help but fall in love with this game. If you were to say this was the best game ever made, I certainly wouldn't argue with you.
Source: http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/top10/768.html (2006-06-12)
Thanks for the heads up CiB.

Twinsen preview movie
By elmuerte at 2007-12-20 19:22
TaKaM released a preview movie of his LBA themed platform game: Twinsen.

Over a year ago he released a playable demo of the game.
More information about this game can be found in this thread.

LBA1 - Red Card Bug Fix
By Quetch at 2007-12-09 11:37
I am pleased to announce that I have made a small bug fix for that annoying LBA1 problem. It's not like this couldn't be done very easy, but many new users who are playing LBA1 for the first time seem to experience this bug and well it is rather unpleasant since you have to restart the whole game.

More information

CD Gamer issue #25 scans
By elmuerte at 2007-12-05 19:48
Cocão send some scans of issue #25 of the Brazilian game magazine CD Gamer.
This is a re-release of the full game in 2000.

node/1238 node/1239 node/1240 node/1241 node/1242 node/1243 node/1244 node/1245 node/1246

Scheduled network downtime somewhere this week for some time
By elmuerte at 2007-11-20 20:57
The machine ("sinas") that is currently hosting the MBN is quite old and had two mysterious system crashes in the past few months. So it was due to be replaced some time. Today the new machine ("mezzomix") arrived and somewhere this week (probably this Wednesday) sinas will be taken offline in order to be moved to mezzomix. The MBN will get it's own VM on mezzomix. After the moving of sinas to mezzomix is done it will be placed back into the co-location facility. During this time the MBN will be offline.
Well, the process will go something like that anyway.
I don't know how long everything will take, but I of course hope it all will be done ASAP.

During the MBN downtime you can still come by in the semi official MBN IRC channel: #lba on EFNet (info).

Update (2007-11-24): everything went smo... well... it is up again.

The MBN is up, just like Baldino's balloon

Little Big Adventure 2 Speedrun Walkthrough
By Kobold at 2007-10-17 18:54
A new story entry has been added:

Little Big Adventure 2 Speedrun Walkthrough

The following is a walkthrough for LBA2 that provides that fastest path through the game. It will guide you past all interesting sightings or even all story elements. Use it as your guide in speedrun competitions.

MBN is now 7 years old!
By SebZ at 2007-10-08 21:48
Now run around like crazy!!

Congrats El and the MBN!!

Here's a cake to celebrate the occasion.

Sir F. Raynal mini-Interview
By Axx at 2007-09-03 20:49
Regarding LBA3
  • Have any plans been made to commence development
Not yet and not before the end of my Ubisoft project
  • If so, have you resolved isses concerning collaboration with LWS and Philippe Vachey
There are no issues with them, everybody waits for the right time frame.

Regarding your current work
  • How has the project progress commenced so far?
Very good, I really enjoy it, it's something very special, hope you'll like it...
  • Is there a release date, or possible details regarding the project?
No release date yet, but I think Ubi will start speaking about it middle next year.

Regarding Ludoid
  • I see the website is not yet up, is there any hope to see it come up soon?
I have a lot to do with my projects, and don't really know what I can put on it. (except an annoucement to tell I bought MBN that was a good joke. I wanted to answer with another joke, like I wanted to suit MBN for that annoucement but didn't take the time.)
  • Will you expand the company into a full working studio in the foreseeable future?
That could happen, we'll see that at the end of my Ubisoft project. Now, it's good to work the way I do, like a consultant but very integrated in studios.

See the comments for the rest of the post

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A holomap costs 10 Kashes.
— LBA2 (#1597)

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