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Sir F. Raynal mini-Interview
By Axx at 2007-09-03 20:49
Regarding LBA3
  • Have any plans been made to commence development
Not yet and not before the end of my Ubisoft project
  • If so, have you resolved isses concerning collaboration with LWS and Philippe Vachey
There are no issues with them, everybody waits for the right time frame.

Regarding your current work
  • How has the project progress commenced so far?
Very good, I really enjoy it, it's something very special, hope you'll like it...
  • Is there a release date, or possible details regarding the project?
No release date yet, but I think Ubi will start speaking about it middle next year.

Regarding Ludoid
  • I see the website is not yet up, is there any hope to see it come up soon?
I have a lot to do with my projects, and don't really know what I can put on it. (except an annoucement to tell I bought MBN that was a good joke. I wanted to answer with another joke, like I wanted to suit MBN for that annoucement but didn't take the time.)
  • Will you expand the company into a full working studio in the foreseeable future?
That could happen, we'll see that at the end of my Ubisoft project. Now, it's good to work the way I do, like a consultant but very integrated in studios.

See the comments for the rest of the post

Frédérick Raynal to the "Festival du Jeu Vidéo 2007"
By StraToN at 2007-08-31 09:23
Frédérick Raynal will be present at this event in France, as President of the board of examiners. This board will reward video games awards in the following categories:
  • Best scenario
  • Best Soundtrack
  • Best graphics
  • Best console game
  • Best PC game
  • Best mobile console game
  • Best mobile phone game
  • Best ludo-educative game
  • Festival Big Prize
A list of nominated games can be found on the Festival du Jeu Vidéo 2007 website.

Maybe some information about LBA3 soon ? Be sure to be informed when video games magazines relate this event !

LBA File Information website launched
By ChaosFish at 2007-07-03 17:27
If you're one of these people who can't just settle for playing their favorite game, but have to understand how it works and how to modify it - this news is for you.

LBA File Information is there to be the source of information on everything and anything related to the technical aspect of both LBA games.

The new site has been developed by Zink and is based on the old LBA File Info project by ChaosFish. It is designed to be user friendly and easy to comprehend, even if you don't know squat about programming and software development.

You'll find information about all the programs that you can use to modify the games. If you're really hard core, even technical specifications of the formats the games use. But the coolest feature of this site is the information about all the entries of all the packages of the games.

The site still doesn't have all the information of all the files; but anyone can just submit any information that's missing using the right form. An administrator will add it to the site along with credits to the submitter.

More information (which we already have) will be added to the site in the next couple of days.

For any other discussions about LBA moding, the MBN's LBA Modifications forum is still there waiting for you!

Live performance of the Ferry Man song
By elmuerte at 2007-07-03 07:51
jetsetraid has performed the Ferry Man song from LBA2 with a choir with him playing on the piano.

You can see the result on YouTube.

You can discuss this performance in this thread.

Little Big Adventure 2 is 10 years old
By elmuerte at 2007-06-26 06:50
(LBA2 Cover)
About 10 years ago Adeline Software completed the second game in the Little Big Adventure universe.
In LBA2, also known as Twinsen's Odyssey in other parts of the world, Twinsen sets out for a new adventure in which new visits a new planet and meets new people.
LBA2 was well received by the press, getting review scores around 90%.

As a birthday present the people of the Polish website Planeta Twinsun have released their LBA3 Trailer (note: this is of course a fan movie, and not an official trailer).
You can view the fan movie here on YouTube or download the movie here.
A couple of posters of this fan movie can be found in this thread.

MBN featured in a Daily Mail commercial.
By elmuerte at 2007-05-31 10:52

Over a month ago Lewi-G notified us that he put MBN logo on T-Shirt of virtual people in a commercial he was working on for work.
This commercial would be shown in the UK before Pirates of the Caribbean.
Now we finally have proof of a virtual person wearing an MBN T-Shirt. It is rather small, almost invisible on a normal screen, but you might notice it on a big movie screen (when you're using a microscope).
You can view the full advertisement here, you can't actually see the person with the T-Shirt in that video because of the low resolution. But attached to this thread you'll find some screencaps.

You can discuss this news item here.

Ludoïd acquires the MBN
By elmuerte at 2007-03-31 20:16
As seen here
As of April 2007 the Little Big Adventure community known as Magicball Network (MBN) has become part of Ludoïd. The MBN will remain the same community it has been in the past 6 years and will expand along the new creations of the new game studio Ludoïd.

To celebrate this event a special version of the original Little Big Adventure will be made available to the community shortly.

this message was brought to you by the April Fool bureau

Twinsen sculptures
By elmuerte at 2007-03-25 15:13
About 9 months ago Kenobi_LJN showed us a Twinsen clay figure his girlfiend made for him.
Today Momiji was showing off her latest creation, another Twinsen sculpture.

The LOTR spoof trilogy is complete
By elmuerte at 2007-03-04 21:22
Today DarkOnister released the thrid and final part of this Lord of the Ring trailer spoofs. By using only footage from the movies and in-game action of LBA2 and the sound of the LOTR trailers he created very interesting spoofs.

Now with this behind us, can we expect more spoofs of other movies?

Lord of the Rings spoof
By elmuerte at 2007-02-15 20:45
LBA Lord of the Rings spoof
A new MBN member named DarkOnister brought us a marvelous new piece of LBA fan art. It is a video compilation of scenes from LBA2 to reenact Lord of the Rings.The audio track is from an Lord of the Rings trailed.

You can view this very nice spoof here on YouTube. And you can give your feedback in this thread.

Game quote

There is a top secret exchange program, currently reserved for the wizards. Come discover our science and civilization, and show us your Magic in return. You'll get rich in knowledge and experience. Don't mention it to your School of Magic yet, it's too early ... they would not understand.
— LBA2 (#1473)

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