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MBN's 6th birthday
By elmuerte at 2006-10-08 22:04
The Magicball Network (MBN) celebrates its 6th birthday.

On October 9th, 2000 the new home for Little Big Adventure fans was born. In the past years many of the initial members are still very active on the forum and the community has grown to over 300 active member.

In the past six years a lot of things have happened. More and more became known about how the games are constructed. This resulted in numerous tools to view and modify the game content. Because people started to create mods for the original games, most notable is the LBA Prequel mod.
Besides tools people have started work on reimplementing the LBA1 and 2 engines. Also, Sebasien Vianny (who orignally working on both LBA1 and 2), created an MS Windows port for LBA1: LBAwin. Which will allow you to play the game on modern computers without the need of emulation.
Other team efforts concerning the LBA games are:And then there are a lot of fan creations from drawings, stories and music to even hand made puppets and clay figures.

In short the community around the (almost) 12 years and 9 year old games is still very active.

More LBA1 cover art
By elmuerte at 2006-10-08 20:57
Relentless Box Front
Alexfont provided us with some scans of covers we didn't have in our collection yet. The new cover art includes the box of Relentless (the USA version of LBA) and the European PlayStation version of LBA1.
The Relentless box also contains some additional paper material: a card with a trademark notification and an flyer to order the Relentless strategy guide. Now if we could only get a hold on one of thise guides.

[Sacred Carrot] A new tool: the LBAnimator Studio
By MBN Bot at 2006-10-08 19:30
By Alexandre Fontoura [alexfont]

First of all, sorry for a non-constant update of this website, but I hope with this new tool and the upcoming next version of LBA Story Coder this website could get more updates. The new tool I have to announce is the LBAnimator Studio, a program to edit and view the LBA1 3D models and animations. This program was motivated by the LBA Prequel project who surely would need something like this to be as perfect as possible. I\'d like you to give some feedbacks about the program and also, if you have some bug or feature to report, please, use the Bug Tracking System the way I could have all things saved.


Cover Art
By elmuerte at 2006-06-01 10:04
European Release Box Front UK Release Box Front Asian Release Box Front
Yesterday I also scanned the boxes of LBA and Twinsen's Odyssey I have here. And I've put them online here:
It would be nice if we could complete the collection with all releases. So if you have a release that isn't there yet please scan all parts of it. Don't take cover art images from other sites (like mobygames), unless they are of a high quality and don't contain watermarks.

Scans of the LBA2 Review in PC Games
By elmuerte at 2006-05-31 16:39
I finally had the time to scan one remaining LBA2 review I had. And here it is. The LBA2 Review in the german game magazine PC Games. LBA2 Was even the game of the month.

PC Games Review 1997-09 [1] PC Games Review 1997-09 [2] PC Games Review 1997-09 [3] PC Games Review 1997-09 [4] PC Games Review 1997-09 [5]

Note: your scans of LBA related articles are always welcome. Simply drop me a line.

LBA1 playable using MS Virtual PC
By elmuerte at 2006-05-17 14:27
According to this entry on Ben Armstrong's blog LBA1 "runs very well under Virtual PC".
Ben Armstrong is the program manager of the Virtual Machine team at Microsoft.

So if you can't get LBA1 to work using DosBox or LBAwin you can give it a try with MS Vritual PC.

I wonder if it can also properly run LBA2.

Scans from the French Generation 4 magazine
By elmuerte at 2006-04-05 16:35
lbadream submitted 15 scanned pages from the French gaming magazine Generation 4.

LBA1 Review
Generation 4 Review 1994-10 [cover] Generation 4 Review 1994-10 [1] Generation 4 Review 1994-10 [2] Generation 4 Review 1994-10 [3] Generation 4 Review 1994-10 [4] Generation 4 Review 1994-10 [5] Generation 4 Review 1994-10 [6] Generation 4 Review 1994-10 [7] Generation 4 Review 1994-10 [8]

LBA2 Review
Generation 4 Review 1997-06 [1] Generation 4 Review 1997-06 [2] Generation 4 Review 1997-06 [3] Generation 4 Review 1997-06 [4] Generation 4 Review 1997-06 [5] Generation 4 Review 1997-06 [6]

Quite long reviews. The gaming magazines I used to read only had 2 to 4 pages for a review. In case of a 4 page review it was usually the month's special (yes, that includes all the screenshots).

Croatian Hacker magazine scans
By elmuerte at 2006-04-03 17:58
insane_cobra send me a couple of scans from a Croatian magazine called Hacker.

LBA1 Preview
Hacker LBA1 Preview 1995-01 [1] Hacker LBA1 Preview 1995-01 [2]

LBA2 Preview
Hacker LBA2 Preview 1997-05

LBA2 Review
Hacker LBA2 Review 1997-10 [Cover] Hacker LBA2 Review 1997-10 [1] Hacker LBA2 Review 1997-10 [2] Hacker LBA2 Review 1997-10 [3] Hacker LBA2 Review 1997-10 [4]

Sanqua Experience #17
By elmuerte at 2006-03-29 16:37
Issue 17 of the online magazie Sanqua Experience has been released. Just in case you didn't know, Sanqua Experience is a free French online magazine about computer games, but not like your average computer game review magazine. So far they featured a couple of articles about Fred and his work.

This issue features Fred twice. It contains an interview with Fred taken in December 2005. And it has a feature about the recent knighing of the three game developers.
As far as I can tell, my French isn't that good, the interview is about Fred's company Ludoïd. But also about the next-gen consoles and the future of games (I think).

So visit their site and download your copy.

Updated: Link put in some effort to translate the interview to English, you can view just the interview here.

Gamasutra feature on the knighting
By elmuerte at 2006-03-15 20:26
Gamesutra has a feature on the knighting of the three game designers. This is more than just a simple news post about the three receiving a medal. They give some more attention to the gaming accomplishments of the French game developers (and not just Ancel and Raynal).

It also contain some interesting info
Frédérick Raynal remembered French game genius Paul Cuisset (Flashback, 1992, Fade to Black, 1995, Moto Racer 3, 2001) with whom he made Time Commando (1996) and might work with again in the near future.
Raynal seemed almost ready to make a come back: "What I miss most is the teamwork, this is the great part of this work, not the game that ends up in a box on shelves. It's the process that I miss, even if it is hard."

Game quote

So, our Queen was right. The emperor lied to us all. He manipulated us all! All this to protect this impostor!!!
— LBA2 (#1016)

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