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[2.21] Making-of #2
By MBN Bot at 2023-02-08 13:22
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By Samantha Bailly

We would like to thank you for your many feedback on our first making-of video. We are back with a new video. The opportunity to see Didier Chanfray, one of the original creators of Twinsen, as well as Paulo Torinno, our Art Director, work hand in hand on the artistic turn that the universe will take.. And I promise, there are many new surprises in this video... enjoy!

For the record, we discovered the brilliant Brazilian artist Paulo Torinno through a fanart he had posted from the game on Instagram. He has been entrusted with the art direction of this new game. Unconditional fan of Twinsen's Odyssey (the name in Brazil) since his childhood, Paulo's unique trait infuses the developing game with modernity, humor and poetry. He said: "To those who love Twinsen, we try to bring a lot of new things, but at the same time, to bring the essence of the gaming experience that we have known. From fan to fan, I think it's going to be great."

The choice of artistic direction was made very early in our project. The whole team fell in love with Paulo's style, which both modernizes the world of Twinsen while maintaining the initial state of mind, original, surprising and full of wonder. We take great pleasure in seeing this universe come to life more every day. It's an incredible creative playground.

Our project is following its course and becoming more and more refined. We are currently in the crucial timing of finding publishers. All your support means so much to us, and we will continue to show you as much behind the scenes of this great adventure as possible.

Little Big Movie
By elmuerte at 2023-01-11 09:57
Rob_c has finally finished his LBA2 inspired animation. Which he has been working on for years.

LBA1 and LBA2 made Open Source
By elmuerte at 2021-10-28 05:45
2.21 has just released the source code of LBA1 and LBA2 as Open Source. It has been made available under the GNU Public License version 2.

You can find the code on 2.21's GitHub:
The above repositories are the historical archives. They also created two repositories which are open for community patches: LBA1 community repo, LBA2 community repo.

This will definitely help ScummVM improving support of LBA1, and hopefully also be the start of having support for LBA2 in the future. ScummVM recently releases version 2.5.0 which contains support for running LBA1 with some minor issues.

The LBA community has already developed quite some tools to mod the games in the past. But this sure will help in improving those tools too.

[2.21] is working on a new LBA
By elmuerte at 2021-09-08 15:11

Looks like after almost 24 years LBA is finally going to get a new game, made by the 2.21 video game studio. Didier Chanfray is one of the founders, and Frédérick Raynal is in the creative board. This is going to be interesting.

Little Big Adventure Symphonic Suite is out now (for backers)
By elmuerte at 2020-12-20 13:08
About one and a half year ago Philippe Vachey and Wayô Records did a succesful Kickstarter for a symphonic rendition of the LBA music.

The work has been completed and is now available to be enjoyed. Backers of the Kickstarter, check your email for instructions to download your copy. Physical and digital copies for everybody who missed the Kickstarter will be available soon.

With all the Kickstarter money they could afford a new Space Guitar. The new Funky Town is on a whole new level. The Opening for LBA has been made into perfection.

Support for LBA1 now available in ScummVM
By elmuerte at 2020-11-23 20:17
ScummVM announced that support for LBA1 is now available in the development builds.

Once upon a time in the past - around the year 1994 - a software company called Adeline Software International released a game titled “Little Big Adventure” or “Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure”. This game, a classic pseudo-3D action adventure game with an epic story set on a fantastic planet, has now entered the testing stage in ScummVM. Please, note that a few features of the original game are not implemented yet. However, we also added a few features which are new for the game.

Features not available yet and known issues:
  • The holomap is not yet available
  • Changing the rendering details is not supported yet
  • The credits sequence has a few rendering bugs

New features:
  • An option to disable wall collision damage
  • Improved UI navigation

This was all made possible by the people behind the TwinEngine project and the LBA community.

Please test the game with the latest development build and report any issues you find on our bug tracker.

TwinEngine has been added to ScummVM
By elmuerte at 2020-10-25 07:37
A new developer has picked up the TwinEngine, a remake of the LBA1 engine, and has ported it over to ScummVM.

ScummVM is an video game engine platform which is able to run a lot of classic video games. Originally made for the LucasArts adventure games, it now supports over 280 games.

Little Big Adventure Symphonic Suite Kickstarter
By elmuerte at 2019-05-20 17:06
The kickstarter for the Little Big Adventure Symphonic Suite is live.

Philippe Vachey and team are seeking €25,000 in funding for this project in the next 40 days.

Upcoming kickstarter for a symphonic rendition of the LBA music
By elmuerte at 2019-05-14 18:07
This was posted on the offical Little Big Adventure facebook page:
To celebrate Little Big Adventure 25th anniversary, we're glad to announce that a Symphonic Suite dedicated to the Original Soundtracks is on the way.

Thanks to the official composer Philippe Vachey and Wayô Records, the Kickstarter campaign will launch May 20th. Stay tuned ♪

2Dark released March 17th!
By Necdilzor at 2017-02-15 17:14
We have an official release date now!

Get ready!!

Game quote

The time of the ceremony is near. Now that you have taken our fragment, Dark Monk will not chase the monsters of the gas or the cloud which blankets Zeelich!
— LBA2 (#2315)

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